Dessicated Coconut

Random Links

Congratulations!  You've stumbled across our hidden cache of random links.
Here are some websites that, for one reason or another, amuse me:
The Institute of Official Cheer  Home of the Gallery of Regrettable Foods, Stagworld, and more!
The Washington Post Style Invitational  A hilarious weekly contest for readers of the Post.  Past contests included World's Worst Metaphors, Fictitious High-School Football Teams, and New Definitions for Old Words. 
The Museum of Bad Art  Located in the basement of the Dedham Community Theater in Massachusetts.  Well worth the visit.  The color with its own pointless webpage.
Extreme Ironing  Why isn't this an Olympic sport yet?
Mullets Galore  Taxonomy of the Mullet, a.k.a. the Missouri Compromise.
Peter Pan  "No matter how unusual you may be, that's the way God made you, and he loves you too."  And who can argue with that?
The Portal of Evil, containing links to hundreds of strange, bad, and useless web pages, including "The Chronicles of George" and "The Fever".

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