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 By Jenni Klaus

David Wenham saunters in shyly behind his director Robert Connelly. They have come to Edge Radio to talk about a project near and dear to their heart: the film is called Three Dollars. David is taller than I expected and his ginger hair is flecked with blonde highlights and spiked up with product, oddly suiting his 40 years. He is wearing a black leather jacket, slacks and a shirt. He’s not what I’d expect from a famous Australian actor, especially one who’s found recent success in Hollywood. He and Robert both shake my hand warmly and I feel immediately at ease.

We begin the interview and go through the motions, asking about the film, how it got from paper to celluloid, and what their inspirations were for the characters and the look of the film. They both speak with passion about the project and you get the feeling that they both love movies, and it’s not just about fame and fortune. For David Wenham and Robert Connelly, it’s all about the story.

In between mic breaks, they joke and tell stories like it’s a meeting of old friends in a pub, and not a serious interview. David tells a story about a museum security guard who, unprovoked, voraciously sings a rendition of Elvis’ ‘Love me Tender’ for the actor. We all laugh heartily, but not because we are nervous or feel as though we have to.

All too soon the interview is over, and it’s time to once again shake hands, but this time to say goodbye. A representative for the cinemas stands by and asks them to sign posters for myself and my fellow interviewer. I feel awkward, as though, after becoming friends, we were back down to business. They depart and I feel embarrassed for the autographs, but impressed by David and Robert’s kind and gentle nature.

That evening, I am invited to a screening of Three Dollars and a question and answer series in which David and Robert patiently answer questions from the audience, as though they haven’t heard and answered the same questions one hundred times over. I am once again stunned by their professionalism and personalities. They almost seem nervous, not at all overconfident like people in their industry tend to be.

After the session, I wander over and thank them again for their visit to Tasmania, as the state is often ignored by people of their stature and expertise. They remember me and I chat to them again, introducing them to several people, including the co-hosts of my film show which were not present for the interview. I linger on, not wanting to leave. Humbled by their attitudes and intelligence, I keep hanging onto every word, every movement, hoping to learn something and not wanting to depart. Very reluctantly, I had to say farewell to these two gentlemen of the Australian Film Industry. I was truly lucky for the opportunity to meet David Wenham and Robert Connelly and will never forget their charm and their honest love of film.

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