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Not without my ugh boots, says David Wenham


David Wenham is like primordial slime. First, he slithered sexily from the ocean as Diver Dan in SeaChange, then he strode brilliantly through The Boys and Better Than Sex, and now he's poised to go stratospheric in the second and third films of the blockbusting Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But talking to the soft-toned, sandy-haired gent known to his nearest and dearest as "Daisy", you get the feeling he'd trade it all to have his beloved Newton Jets reinstated into the NSW Rugby League competition this winter. After all, growing up in the shadows of legendary Henson Park in western Sydney, it was the bloody ballet of football which fed his early aspirations to act, helping him become the magnificently magnetic star we saw again last year's thriller, The Bank.

Now, fresh from his tango with Tolkien (he plays Faramir, the kind-hearted battle-axe) Wenham says "the smell of the greasepaint has lured me back to the stage" and so autumn finds him starring in Sam Shepherd's play True West in Melbourne and mooching through the season in a new leather jacket. "I've had a couple that had turned tatty on me and had to be given to St Vinnies," he laughs. "This one will take the heat off my much-loved navy cardigan. It also goes with my ugh boots - but only around the house!"

B+W Mode Autumn/Winter 2002

Grateful acknowledgment is made to FDJWriter at, from whom the article and scan originates.


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