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LOTS EE Commentary

Lady_Niwella: Hello, and welcome to the Extended Edition commentary of Lord of the Swoons. I'm Lady_Niwella.

solith_elf: And I'm solith.

SM: Shieldmatron here.

PFaz: And I'm Miranda Otto.

MIS: (whaps her) You are not!

SM: Okay, let's get started reminiscing. In this old post, my intent was to convey profound swooning. I used a color palette of yellow smileys interspersed with the angry face, because I was REALLY REALLY overcome that day.

PFaz: Also notice the use of forced perspective, with the larger font size and caps lock left on.

Lady_Niwella: That was beautifully done. Really shouts at you, y'know?

PFaz: We all took a vote, and my posts were the sexiest.

MIS: Okay, here you can see the use of a stunt double in a sig pic. David Wenham is posed next to "The Rock" so as to appear cuter and a better actor.

solith: David was so-o-o-o--o great to work with in these posts. Lovely human being. Got on well with everybody.

PFaz: Not to mention being the funniest man on the planet.

SM: Okay, sometimes we'd get bored and pass the Fluffimir around...Can I say that on DVD?

Lady_Niwella: You just did.

*cut to shots of Farawen and IR speaking*

Farawen: Well, when we were casting for the Faramir thread, we wanted a diverse group of people from all over the world. Shieldmatron was chosen for her ability to change sig pics several times in a day. PFaz auditioned in January, and we knew her sense of humor and ability to find interesting links would be an asset to the production. SMOR trained at the National Academy of Dramatic Swooning and has deep insights into book-amir. And de_lurker was hired because she's my cousin.

IR: When I first arrived, I felt like the new girl on the block, but everybody's been very warm and welcoming. It's a real fellowship of swooners.

sh_wulff: PFaz and I had worked together before, on the Eomer thread, so that made things easier.

POI: Everybody in the swoonship got small DW tattoos to show solidarity. I had mine applied in a repeating pattern, like leopard spots.

*return to commentary*

SM: Okay, we're back. The part I really didn't like was having to ride in the helicopter.

Lady_Niwella: Yeah, we had quite a few casualties along the way. Lady Wenham and spacepirate had to leave before filming was finished. Farawen kept injuring herself during Extended Perdition frenzies. SMOR bumped her forehead trying to get a closer look at SueB's sig pic. sh_wulff pulled a rib laughing at Carl's hair.

MIS: Sh_wulff's a professional never interrupted her poetry.

PFaz: Speaking of poetry....MIS, didn't you get lacerated by a stunt mod?

MIS: Yes, but it was an accident. I was standing too close to the TOS boundary while the cameras were rolling.

Wimsie: We were all out at a restaurant, and SMOR started ordering everything on the menu. (adopts Welsh accent) "Bring me 4 Carl, and 2 Luke....and a brace of Faramir. And some of your best house Audrey."

PFaz: Me and POI took up net-surfing during the filming. It's a very relaxing hobby.

Wilma: One of the most controversial changes to LTOS came with the new phpBB format.

FF2: See, you had your canonical green smiley face... then suddenly you had this deranged three-dimensional thing rolling back and forth on the screen. Purists were outraged.

Cressida: Because there was no justification for it.

FF2: So we went to the site admins. They explained that the narrative demands of the new format called for a more three-dimensional character. The old smiley was too flat.

IR: What FF2 said. Hey, are you going to finish that corn dog?

SM: The worst part about posting here was the prosthetics. Up every morning at 3 a.m. to have a prosthetic Josh applied, then get to work on the next swoon. It's a 24-hour day.

PFaz: MIS once accidentally ripped off my Fluffimir prosthetic.

MIS: I said I was sorry!!!!!

de_lurker: Typically, we'd go through 3, 4, 5 sets of Joshes in a day. They got beaten up pretty badly.

Cressida: Oh, our swooning costumes were fantastic too. I loved my hairnet, bathrobe and yellow ducky slippers. Very authentic. The terrycloth workmanship was incredible.

LadyStef: The makeup was a bit tedious, yeh...It took hours and hours to achieve that pale, sweaty, deranged look.

Illiaris: The hardest swoon of all was the loooong wait for the ROTK EE. That was very emotional. It dragged on for months and months and months, with a cast of thousands. Filming was mostly done at night.

PFaz: And after all that, it's still June.

Farawen: Pink pills, anyone?

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