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A page for fan art, poetry, etc. of a more serious and contemplative nature than that found on the "Humor" page...

Panache, style, magnetic
Rapier wit, light comedic touch
Flair, elan, effortless charm and sex appeal
All words that have described
Your return to the stage to play Cyrano
A wonderfully fulfilling experience this must be
The nose knows pain, that easy smile
A mask for brooding contemplation
On life, love and hidden sorrow
The magic of your skill and ability
As performer and man is wondrous
Criminals, malevolent and misanthropic
Warriors, in Macedonia and Middle Earth
Lovers, winsome and wanton
And clergy, courageous and comic
Each uniquely your own divination
The search for truth writ large
The passion for the craft etched
In the honing of your talent
For I have quaked in the brutal glare of Brett‘s cruelty
Howled at the inept majesty of Spit’s cunning
Gloried in the flinty braggadoccio of Luke’s charisma
Wept for the forlorn state of Faramir’s abandonment
Beamed at the delicious promise of Dan’s delights
Writhed in the fabulous thrall of Josh’s bedroom antics
Meditated on the overwhelming spirituality of Damien’s odyssey
And chuckled at the frantic deliverance of Carl’s ingenuity
For all those brilliant evocations
Murray’s plastic bag of tricks
Doyle’s devious, chaotic, fractal revenge
Doug’s obscene, incendiary solutions
And Alex’s angst cum awareness
I stand spellbound and awestruck and say
Thank you for your gifts
As an amazing actor and spiritual soul
Cyrano awaits, I take my leave
Goodnight, David
Fair dinkum, lad
Bravo, mate!

Nancy Hibberd
March 5, 2005 

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