Dessicated Coconut

Alter Egos

One day, quite some time ago, I was hard-pressed for DC site updates, and so I entered David Wenham's name into some of those online "fake name" generators. You know, "find your elf name" and that sort of thing.  The results: 
David's Pimp Name: Dopetastic D. Squeeze
Hobbit Name: Drogo Danderfluff
Pirate Name: Black Davy Flint
Prison Name: "The Receptacle"
Smurf Name: Trusty Smurf
Jedi Name: Wenda Brnat of Planet Viagra
Goth Name: Liquid Dreams
Taxi Driver Name: Pheckbarrrr Peterson
Mafia Name: "No Brainer" Emilio
Mormon Name: Clarvid St. Benjamin
Indian Name: Improvisational Toad
Porn Name: Jizzy Kielbasa
Pope Name: Pope Unspeakable Willie VI
Outlaw Biker Name: Wrench Head of the Toecutters MC
Spammer Name: Clammy C. Reykjavik
Reggae Name: Tuff Prophet

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