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There has been much speculation about which new Faramir scenes might be included in the ROTK Extended Edition (due out at the end of 2004).  Here is a list of possible scenes that have been mentioned.  Confirmed scenes are those that have been verified by several independent sources, including the official New Line trailer, as being included on the EE.  Unconfirmed scenes are those that have been filmed or are referenced in other ROTK media (Decipher, the Photoguide, etc.), but there is no definitive proof that they will be included.

The White Rider (unconfirmed)

Following the retreat to Minas Tirith, Faramir finds Gandalf in the crowd and tells him that Osgiliath has fallen.  He spots Pippin, and Gandalf learns Faramir has seen Frodo recently.  "Faramir," he says, "tell me everything!"  In the theatrical version, this is followed by a very awkward cut to Frodo, Gollum, and Sam on the Secret Stair.
The ROTK Visual companion suggests that there may be more to this scene.  Faramir explains to Gandalf that Gollum guides Frodo:  "Treachery. Treachery I fear of that miserable creature!"
Okay, so we're reaching a bit here.  Moving along....

Pippin and Faramir bonding scene (confirmed)

Preliminary reports from Comic Con attendees have confirmed that this scene will be included on the ROTK Special Edition.  Here are a few eyewitness descriptions:
Pippin and Faramir have a scene together. Pippin is sitting on a bench with his feet dangling, wondering to himself what one hobbit can do among so many great lords -- and Faramir approaches him. Faramir says that “generous deeds should not be checked with cold counsel” (in the book, I think it's Gandalf who has this speech), and they have a conversation about Boromir. Pippin says that he was surprised they found livery to fit him, and Faramir says that his father had it made for him (Faramir) when he was a child. Pippin has a cute line with, “Of course, I’m taller than you were then.” He and Faramir laugh together. (David later says that the close-ups of Faramir in this scene were shot two years after the bulk of the scene was shot.)
Faramir tells him that the outfit belonged to a boy who dreamed of fighting dragons instead of studying, unlike his brother. Pippin says "it was yours" and Faramir talks about Denathor's greater love of Boromir. Pippin then says something about how Denathor will love and appreciate his wisdom or something in time.
pippin is sitting on the bench, faramir enters the hallway and says something like "you did a good job in there". pippin comments about the uniform he is wearing, that it doesn't really fit him and he won't grow into it since he finished growing - except for maybe sideways. faramir says that yes it was his, that his father had it made for him and how he spent many hours in it, but that it never really fit him either - boromir was the soldier. he talks about what he used to do in it (i'm not going to tell you but it's very cute). he talks about how boromir and denethor are alike, proud, stubborn, strong. pippin tells faramir that he is strong as well but it's a different kind of strength.
They also showed a scene that I saw being filmed during the pick-ups last summer with Faramir talking to Pippin and we find out that the Gondor armor Pip has was Faramir's boyhood armor, though Faramir doesn't think it fits the hobbit quite right.  Pip says, "I'm not going to grow anymore, except sideways."

Posted by Celeborn_the_Wise at TORC in May:
In the copy I had of ROTK (that I don't have anymore), there is an extra scene that I have been told was cut from the TE that might very well be added to the EE. It takes place a little bit after the balcony scene with Gandalf/Pippin:
Pippin is sitting in the Hall of Minas Tirith under the marble statue of a King, looking tired, waiting to be summoned by Denethor. Faramir comes by, notices Pip and chats with him. He gets a few chuckes when he sees that Pip is wearing his own childhood uniform and tells him that his sword won't be useless in this war and that he might have to use it before the end. Pippin bows to Faramir, who gives him a smile.
Faramir then goes to see his father, who is holding the white rod of the House of Stewards. I thought that was a nice tribute to the text. Faramir then goes on to talk about Osgiliath. He mentions Frodo, the Ring-bearer. Denethor is shocked (for lack of a better word) when Faramir tells him that he has let him go, carrying the weapon of the Enemy. Denethor doesn't understand his son's decision to leave a mindless halfling take away what could certainly have changed the fortune of Gondor in a time that has never been so dire. "Boromir would have brought me this mighty gift."
Denethor then calls loudly for Peregrin, son of Paladin, who stands up from where he was sitting and walks to Denethor's throne. Denethor says "If you haven't forgotten your words, you may proceed." (Not quite sure if that is the correct line). Pippin then recites his oath and kisses Denethor's ring, who then starts a copious meal. He turns to Faramir and tells him a few words about Osgiliath and the outer defenses, which Faramir answers are lost to the enemy. Denethor orders his son to reclaim Osgiliath, so Faramir leaves.
Pippin says "With your permission, my Lord" and runs behind Faramir. When they get outside, Pippin asks Faramir: "Why is your father so angry?" Faramir, tears in his eyes, doesn't answer. Pippin hesitates and says: "I ask that, because I would gladly help you if I could." To which Faramir replies: "There is nothing you can do, Pippin. Gather all the courage you have and look after yourself." Faramir then goes away, leaving Pippin alone in the court of the fountain.
When I said Denethor is shocked (for lack of a better word)... that's more or less what I meant. Yes, Denethor does fall to the ground, but not in a silly or slapstick way. There is a closeup on John Noble's face right after Faramir tells him he has let Frodo go, and literally everything turns around Denethor, with a nice trick of the camera. The voice of Faramir vanishes and no other sound can be heard, and then suddenly he loses balance and falls on the marble floor. The white rod rolls away.

This snippet of dialogue was independently verified in an AICN set report:
PIPPIN:  Why is your father so angry? I would help if I could.
FARAMIR:  There is nothing you can do.
The ROTK "Weapons and Warfare" book has a photo of Pippin's Citadel Guard outfit. The accompanying text notes that this was Faramir's childhood armour.
There is an unconfirmed report that John Noble, in an interview, said a flashback sequence had been filmed in which the young Faramir and Boromir play together while Denethor watches.  However, nobody has been able to verify or locate this interview.  If the rumor is true, this scene would be the most likely place to insert it.  It seems dubious that the flashback would make the cut, given all the other scenes competing for inclusion on the EE.
Two photos have surfaced which appear to have been taken from the Pippin bonding scene:  one of Pippin sitting on a table outside the Great Hall, and one of Faramir looking slightly down with a gentle, intent expression, as if he is listening to someone speak. The backgrounds of both photos are consistent with each other.

Pippin waiting to take his oath.

Faramir, gazing down at someone (Pippin?)

Extended scene with Denethor (confirmed)

More dialogue was shot between Faramir and Denethor, but ultimately cut from the theatrical release.  Prior to Pippin's oath, Faramir and Denethor confront each other regarding Faramir's decision to let the Ring go to Mordor.  The missing scene is alluded to when Denethor glares at Faramir during the line, "Disloyalty with vengeance."  It also provides resolution for Faramir's earlier line in The Two Towers, "Then it is forfeit".
A glimpse of this scene was included in the official EE trailer.  John Noble has also discussed it elsewhere.  He mentioned that Denethor falls backwards onto the floor in anger/shock after Faramir tells him he has let the ring go (which was quite painful to film in numerous takes).
From Harry Knowles' AICN set report:

This is a damn cool set. Right now as I type this, I’m in… what I believe to be Minas Tirith’s Tower Hall.

The actor, John Noble, I believe is the bordering on madness King...Faramir has just now given his report to his liege and father. Denethor is of course outraged at the turn of events, convinced that his now departed son Boromir would have brought him the ring. The shot I’m watching is the camera, solely upon Denethor.

I’ve never seen this actor playing Denethor before… But he has a look of evil and twisted humanity and sadness all about him.  A look of desperate frailty...His hair long and stringy… peppered black and white. When he smiles with a mad Manson-esque look in his eyes… which quickly transforms into a snarl not unlike that of wild dog. He is, quite scary and disturbed looking.

Meanwhile, just behind the camera for eyeline acting and line feeding is David Wenham as Faramir. He is out of armor...And is now wearing his brown leather two buckled boots...No heels, flat across the olive green flat of cloth covering his below abdomen and legs... He’s wearing the leather chest piece with the embossed symbol of...the tree in a used and cracked up silver lamet type deal. Though, it is well worn... It has seen better days... Faramir is in the absolute best of ‘olden’ times garb... not the brilliant colors of the 1950’s knights in armor... But more muted… real colors. Everything worn, nothing new looking.

Denethor... Well when I described his hair to you, in a way, that describes the entirety of his character look. Salt and pepper. He has the days growth peppering of stubble... His robes a deep deep black with silver/grayish fur... For me, I’ll call it wolf pelt, but it would probably be something a bit more… a bit of higher standing.

Once back from lunch the crew begins making ready for the reverse on Faramir. Ol David Wenham has to be the son looking upon a fallen that uses words to inject venom and spite into a loyal sons mind. It is a very very hard place for him to be in... but he stands to his beliefs... weathers his father’s verbal spears... and leaves a bit sad and melancholy.

Various sources have referenced a possible flashback sequence, in which Faramir rides up to the seventh level of the city, hands Denethor the broken horn, and tells him of Boromir's death.  Supposedly this would be inserted after Faramir says "You wish now that our places had been exchanged.  That I had died, and Boromir had lived."
ROTK photoguide quotes:
"Boromir would have remembered his father's need. He would have brought me a kingly gift."
"Boromir was loyal to me and no wizard's pupil."
Also, two Decipher cards contain shots of Faramir in the throne room which do not appear in the theatrical release.  Thanks to SueB of TORC for finding these:

Suicide Charge (unconfirmed)

From an AICN set report, this was the filmed exchange between Faramir and Gandalf as he rides out to the gates of the city:
GANDALF:  Faramir...Faramir...your father's will has turned to madness and evil. Do not throw your life away so rashly.
FARAMIR: Where does my allegiance lie if not here? This is the city of the men of Numenor. I will gladly give my life to defend her beauty, her memory, her wisdom.
GANDALF: Your father loves you, Faramir.  He will remember it before the end.
Whether the uncut version will make the EE is anybody's guess.

Houses of Healing (confirmed)

For many people, even casual movie-goers, the Houses of Healing was a large omission.  In the theatrical release, Faramir disappears from the narrative after his rescue from the pyre, until he briefly shows up again at the coronation, pink and healthy and smiling at Eowyn, who has apparently forgotten all about Aragorn.  For those who hadn't read the books, this left a number of unanswered questions.
This scene has been confirmed by numerous sources as being back in the movie, including Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, and Peter Jackson himself.  The scene itself promises to be pleasingly lengthy; David Wenham said in an interview that it took some time for love to blossom between Eowyn and Faramir.  Most likely, the scene(s) will be interwoven with the Last Debate and the march to the Black Gates.
From the EE trailer shown at Comic Con:
Faramir and Eowyn have a lovely Houses of Healing balcony scene together, apparently where she realizes that she loves him. Faramir tells her, “I do not believe this darkness will endure.” With that, they hold hands, and she lays her head on his shoulder.
A few images have surfaced which provide visual clues as to how this scene may look.  One is Aragorn healing a feverish Faramir.  Another is a badge issued to employees of "Toys R Us", which PrincessFaz managed to obtain and photograph.  It shows Eowyn wearing what appears to be a starry blue mantle (you can see the pattern of the material on her shoulders).  And thirdly, the pencil sketch of Faramir shown in the end credits depicts him in civvies, awake, and looking decidedly tender and smitten.  His collar is embroidered, similar to the one on the coronation/wedding outfit.
Finally, there are two conceptual sketches of the Houses of Healing from "The Art of Return of the King", which depict a sunken central courtyard and fountain, with an outer walkway surrounding it that looks out over the Pelennor.  A perfect spot for unconscious hand-holding and windy hair-mingling.

Aragorn and Faramir in the Houses of Healing

Eowyn wearing Finduilas' starry blue mantle

Happy Faramir

Faramir and Eowyn's wedding (unconfirmed)

This scene was filmed, but its inclusion on the DVD hasn't been independently confirmed.  There is some speculation that it may appear as part of a new character epilogue voiced by Cate Blanchett (Galadriel).  Ain't It Cool News had an article about the filming of the scene, excerpted here:
Faramir and Eowyn being married. Eowyn's dress is quite literally one of the most beautiful beaded gowns I have ever seen in my life. Miranda is droolalicious here. And that David bloke now gets to flub his kiss about a 1000 times if he is smart at all. I have been volunteering to be the stand in with Miranda and work out the angles But no one seems to be taking me seriously. I will say this, though: David has been put through the wringer of emotions today.

They shoot the first rehearsal. It's a double kiss.  They come up for air and push on through the emotion. Peter yells "Cut" and they part. All the ladies on set begin protesting that Peter should hold the shot till after they part, when they are smiling into one anothers eyes.

Upon doing a second take like that, Philippa Boyens, who is absolutely delighted to get to this scene, tells Peter that it should be a single kiss, and as they come up for air, to part smiling into one anothers eyes. They shoot it like that, but David and Miranda come back for a second kiss as well. But Peter yells cut just as their lips begin to touch. David comes away protesting. He wanted that second kiss.  I'm with David, give her that second kiss!!! Or at least give me that second kiss, Miranda! Hee hee.

Take 4 --- My fave. Good long kiss, wonderful post-kiss glow. The gals on set are quite pleased. Very happy.

Take 5 --- Peter's happy.

The ladies on set are delighted to finally... after what seems like years of shooting, they get their 'girly' scene. Philippa is literally coo-ing after every kiss... And I have to admit, it is beautiful on the monitors... But crikey... only 5 takes? David didn't mess up nearly as much as I would have. If memory serves he had to get dragged behind that horse stuck full of arrows about a good dozen times. Life just ain't fair at all. I will weep for the man!

As you can see in the picture below, Faramir and Eowyn are apparently wearing their wedding outfits at the coronation.  Busy day.
Here's a website with lots of nice closeups of their outfits: Eowyn and Faramir's Coronation Costumes

The happy couple. Faramir is trying to remember where he left the key to his armor.

Epilogue (unconfirmed)

There are reports that Peter Jackson will include an epilogue showing what happened to the members of the Fellowship following the coronation.  Although Faramir and Eowyn weren't in the Fellowship, Legolas did go with them to Ithilien to help create a who knows?  Besides, it wouldn't kill them to add 5 seconds of "happily ever after" footage for the newlyweds.  Pure wishful thinking.

Speaking of wishful thinking.....

Fantasy ROTK Extended Edition


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