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With This Ring, I Be Red


Empire magazine, August 2002.



David Wenham
Photos by Milan Scepanovi, March 1999. To view more from Newspix' extensive collection, visit their website and search their archives.


From an article about "Gettin' Square"


One could be at peace
Inside the fleece
Of a sweater built for two...
(Photographs by Ingvar Kenne)

David Wenham
"Invisible Man" interview, May 2006
David Wenham
David Wenham
David Wenham
David Wenham
In May 2006, David received an Honorary Doctorate from Australian Catholic University in Melbourne.  Etiquette discourages the use of "Dr." by recipients, but an honorary doctorate still entitles him to diagnose honorary diseases, write honorary prescriptions, and play honorary golf on Wednesdays.
David Wenham
Ummm...I forget where this picture came from.
David Wenham
From the "Celebrities Beanies" website.  David poses with Albert the Scientist Bear.

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