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sh_wulff's review of cyrano part deux

umm the grrl sitting next to me had seen



shows of Cyrano
and she had newspaper cuttings too
and she lives in Melbourne
and had booked to see him at least 2 more times

( Wullfie was entertaining ideas of robbing a bank to finance more viewings.. however her responsible genes took over.. thankfully)

I had Arrow my cheek Arrow my non camera mobile phone and Arrow my charm ( oh and Arrow my Visa card too)

so I hassle the Usher

say if one were to wish for a DW autograph where should one like hang out?

he says " oh stage door.. or the main entrance"

like these are diametrically opposite and on diffferent levels

"i'd advise yuo to try the front door" he says

how can Wulffie and her one-off chance to get autographs going to manage?

does she sneak into the dressing room via the stage and confront his gingeriness there?

does she hang around the main entrance?

or go to stage door??

luckily wulffie goes Idea Idea Idea

hey lets exchange mobiles to theo ther grrl
then if one sees him one can TXT the other so both can have autographs
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

right misss DW obssession ( sorry never learnt her name) has LOST HER MOBILE Shocked Shocked Shocked

Wulffie is in total despair Crying or Very sad Sad Crying or Very sad

how will she manage? Confused Confused Confused

ah the trials and tribulations of a dedicated Fazgul

you can see my dilemma now can't you??
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