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sh_wulff's review of cyrano part cinq

and David Wenham steps out

Big Grin Love Smiley Big Grin Love Smiley Big Grin Love Smiley Big Grin

what is reality like?????

the bottom of my glass is empty

and reality is blurred
four pairs of eyes turn around

the object of our obsession is before us

the three other girls giggle and wave their hands

wulffie looks at DW's profile

his nose is the same size as mine!!
lucky man Wink

he has a little stubble on his cheeeks
and the acne scars that are sometimes seen on the large screen have largely invisible
his eyes are a piercing blue,
his eyelashes golden red framing them beautifully
his ears are not pierced
nor are they as sticky out as they appearin pictures

his hair is dark strawberry blonde
it's plastered to his head after a long perormance
he looks tired

publicist woman is chatting away saying

" we can do this..or the other"

he is preoccupied

he says to fix it as whatever needs to be done

he is wearing faded blue jeans
and a white shirt with a pattern of small blue flowers, the top three buttons undone
his ginger chest hair showing through
his shirt is hanging out (PFAZ I'm sure would have offered to tuck him in)
his build is very slight, with fine wrists and slender hands, well manicured
he looks really tired after the performance

he turns around and gives us his undivided attention

J1 J2 and J3 ask for autographs


wulffie stands back then she says
" can I take a picture?"
DW- "no pictures"
SW-"But I'll be heartbroken"

he smiles
I laugh
"ok small exageration then'"

DW- "did you enjoy the show?"

SW-" yes".. i said distractedly digging thru my handbag
I turn out my ticket and give it to him to autograph

so I have his scrawl on a small piece of cardboard Rolling Eyes

easier to store. no? Neutral

the other fans give him a card
I try to mentioin dessicated coconut
but the publicist hurries him along

wulffie is somewhat disappointed Crying or Very sad
she did not even get an exclusive interview for that illustrious website "Dessicated Coconut"

and no photos were taken as far as David saw

Q & A Followup
(by various Avid Readers)
Q:  Wulffie - how tall is he???
he did not seem very tall to me
I WAS wearing 4cm (1 1/2 inch ) heels
but he was SLOUCHING...

my guess 5'11" to 6'

I forgot to check his footwear ( he was wearing 4 cm heels during the performance, as were all the Gascon Cadets)

some of his fellow actors are taller ( Le Bret, Le Guiche and prob Christian too)

I also thought about giving him a peck on the cheek

for purely scientific purposes

but did not dare ( sorry Fazguls)

and it was such a lightning appearence

I only happened to be at the right place at the right time by fluke

so I am pleased by that
I reckon 179-180 cm.. ie 5'10 1/2" - 5'11"

sweet too
with a little twinkle in his eye

having done my compatibility test ( remember those) our best match was intellectual.. I would love to have a chat with him about hsi approach to his work and sundry other questions

and since I've rarely gone foraging for autographs I'd have to admit that you "Guls inspired me
Are his eyes as gorgeous as they look in pictures and on screen? Please do an in depth report of at least 500 words on his eyes.

And he's slight? (aka skinny). I don't care - I can do good roast dinners........
There were a lot of Japanese fans coming to see him
thay congrgated on the right side of the Auditorium because that is where he comes down in the first scene ( I found that out from the friendly Usher)

I went to the matinee on a weekday with the pensioners, schoolgroups and other assorted oddbods

sadly I did not get a programme Sad .. I was going to take a photo..right??

he is on the tall side of average but not strappingly tall

he is sweet, bt guarded almost like a rabbit in headlights... I guess he wants his work to beadmired but wants to take that hat off when he finishes and return to anonimity

his eyes go from icy blue with hauteur to brught blue sapphires with passion or anger.. even when acting

and as he was dying on stage his eyes lost their luminosity.. it was astounding

he has the most beautiful blue eyes
I could look at them all evening .. while asking him lots of questions.. being very naturally curious

I think the worst bit was telling the other girl we'd seen David and she 'd missed out on his autograph

but then again she'll get another chance... unlike me
Q:  Guarded as in shy,as well,sh_wulff? Smile
Guarded as in cautious ad almost protective of self

different from shy which is afraid making contact

another Cyrano review with accompanying picture
Q:  What about his lips?

his lips are soft and flexible looking and very pink and moist

Kissable... yup I'd say so..sadly not from personal experience

unlike some thin hard looking lips Razz

Q:  And his voice?

hsi voice is soft and "cultured", with a slight nasal twang
very "come hither".. you know one does lean closer to the softly spoken ones Wink

Q:  Did he look pale?

he was slightly tanned.. not as dark as in "Dust".. morre "josh"-like
oh he did not have dark circles under his eyes

I agree, he does not like to show himself off at all.. if he's Cyrano he's out there , DW is however a cipher

oh and the average height in Australia is 5"10 (178 cm)

Q: Did you get close enough to smell his aftershave?

aromatic? well he did not reek of aftershave or cologne nor did he sport the miasma of a men's locker room... nor did he have that gut-wrenching sour stal-smoke and too much alcohol smell
in summary innofensive ( smell is highly woman's meat is another's poison as they say) ie not too strong, not too anything..just right..maybe?
my nose did not exactly stand at attention ( as in what a deluscious dish.. unlike some men Shocked Devil Shocked )

Performance.. with spoilers

Was he believable as Cyrano?
yes.. he embodied Cyrano.. slightly foppish, belligerent and rapier sharp wit, he held attention through the comedic parts with excellent timing and in the solemn parts he had stature

an example of his vocal virtuosity .. as part of the play he pretends he is Christian in the shadows.. his voice changes accordingly.. and then as he lies dying of a mortal wound he uses that same voice to read the farewell letter Christian allegedly wrote

Roxanne recognizes the voice at last

and she and the audience are suitably heartbroken

I had a lot of sympathy for Cyrano.. he made him real to me despite the stagey steeing and the sometimes manneristic representation

any funny bits? did you laugh? cry?

if by funny bits you mean hanky-panky.. there were lots of lines with sexual innuendo but the closest we got to a kiss was Roxanne avoiding a kiss from an overenthusiastic suitor ( oh apart from the kiss at the wedding between Roxanne and Chistian... which was better than the A+A kiss in ROTK.. by a country mile)

there was a great deal of verbal humour
including calling a homosexual Count a"limp overripe banana"
many plays on phrases including nose or smell

Cyrano pretends he's a Man from the Moon to distract "le Guche" ( an unwanted suitor fo Roxanne's) while Roxanne and Christian's wedding is taking pace offstage
the verbal raillery is delightful and absurd

DW does a phenomenal job in hilding the audiences attentions

laughs.. too many to count.. belly laughs; outraged giggles; sidesplitting laughs; I'm gonna wet my pants laughs; I don't believe this laughs.. and lastly I'm laughing so hard I'm gonna cry laughs

but I did not cry... I had worn my non-water proof mascara
I did not want to end up looking like a panda.. even I have my vanity

as for the sad bits
his dying scene, with its autumnal setting and maple leaves fluttering down signifyingthe guttering of Cyrano's soul's candle

3 feet away..little tears brimming in those blue eyes of his
Roxanne cradling him gently on her lap... oh my heart and er..almost..bu&&er my mascara!!
er yes I also had little tears brimming in my eyes
and the incidental violin music....
heartbreaking to say the least

as for Cyrano and Roxanne kissing

doesn't happen.. they hold hands,he whispers in his ear
sh cradles him on his lap running her hands through his hair caressing his head wound with utmost care

I wish I were in her place

and for the curtain call.. he did that little "Faramir" bow


this is Wulffie's hands on autopilot

teh brain is currently dangerously over heated Shocked

I hope that is enough info.. but love to answer things best I can




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