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sh_wulff's review of cyrano part trois

small calrification...

I was so close to DW at time during the performance that sometimes when he really threw his voice sometimes a little saliva would spray.. oh and sweat did pour off his manly forehead and spray as he was swash-buckling.. so there you have body fluids... it was a unidirectional exchange only... thus far.

now back to the story:

I am standing in the main entrance

DW-sadcase next to me

I begin to wonder if i'd been given a bum steer.. what if the Usher got it wrong??

what would happen if DW came out the Stage Door not the Front/Main door??????

what if the Usher was secretly trying to deny me my first DW encounter...unmasked?

I say .. hey I'll go around the corner to see what's up.....

I descend steps.. steep and caressed by the late afternoion sun

I continue to walk past some large postmodern curved concrete wall

my thoughts are bleak Sad

I walk around the corner


a sign

three Japanese girls waiting there

"Hi Girls.. do you have a mobile?"

blank looks all around

" ok.. do you have a mobile phone.. I have one and I'm going to wait at the main entrance.. if he comes out there I will Text you, and if he comes here I will text you. OK?"

"Ah , so desu ka?"

one girl lickily spoke a smattering of english

all 3 had some really hight tech mobile phones written in Japanese

two looked rather blank.. not malicious, but that "i don't speak English and I don't understand stare"


we finally work out that I have to SMS an international number.. can my phone do that???

busy..programming the number in my phone

heart racing

stress levels rising

what if he's out the front door???

the girls are struggling to get my phone number

"what is Australia's area code?"

61-#### *** $$$

plus whatever Japan's international access code is

back is turned to the door

all three of us struggling with the technology........

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