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December 2005


The guy who does the 300 Blogs About 300 blog reports that the filming location for '300' is Icestorm Digital Studios.

There's been some question about whether David's character's name is Dilios or Delios.  In the book, it's "Dilios", with an "i" as in "eye patch" (which he wears for about half the book, after being wounded in battle).  His mission is to guarantee the kleos of the 300 warriors, their glory and immortality, and to ensure that their story will be told for generations.   If it weren't for Dilios, there would be no movie at all.  Think about that for a minute.

And remember, it's only funny till somebody loses an eye.


So this is the answer to all the riddles.......

The news everybody's been anxiously waiting for was confirmed on recently.  David will be playing Dilios the storyteller in 300.

Adapted from a Minkey scan

(actual Dilios may vary)

Join us next week, as we unravel the Bermuda Triangle, discover the Holy Grail, and interview Elvis from his Masonic hideout on the set of the NASA moon landing.

Posted yesterday on Live Journal:  this 10MB video clip taken by a fan who met Billy Boyd and David Wenham at last year's Comic Con in San Diego.  It's almost like you're there!  But without having to dress in a superhero costume and stand in line for 5 hours.

Current international release dates for The Proposition:

U.S. - New York 3/31/06, LA 4/7/06
U.K. - 3/3/06
Cannes - 5/11/06
Finland - 2/3/2006

Finally, in the spirit of the season, we leave you with two traditional Gondor holiday carols.  The first is by Galenmir, the second is by make_it_stop:

(to the tune of "Good King Wenceslas")

Steward Denethor looked out
On the town's defences
As the orcs marched round about
Then he lost his senses

Brightly shone the pyre's blaze
As he immolated
Later, Gandalf sadly says:
"He should have been seda-a-ted."

(to the tune of "Winter Wonderland")

Dad is mad, are you listening?
By the throne, eyes are glistening,
A death ride for you, 'cause you're #2,
Charging in a wasted Gondorland.

At the sky, you can stare-o,
When you're hit by an arrow,
And wish that you had, a cleverer dad,
Charging in a wasted Gondorland.

from Dessicated Coconut!


I'm gonna go way out on a limb here, and speculate that David is playing some kind of Greek guy in 300.

Of course, I could be wrong.  He could be portraying Audrey's great-great-great-great-etc. grandmother, Swishios.  Unlike Aristophanes, Euripides, and Sophocles, whose works survive to this day, Swishios was tremendously bothered by the insufferable droning noise of battle, and never finished any plays.

Shooting for 300 ends January 25th, according to the Comics2Film Fan Feed (why does "fan feed" sound like something that comes in 25-lb. bags at the local farm store?).  Creature FX Inc., whose other credits include The Chronicles of Narnia and The Last Samurai, is providing special makeup and mechanical effects. reviews Frank Miller's graphic novel, and its potential to translate onto the screen.

Here's an excerpt from a UGO interview with Tyler Bates, who is composing the score for 300:

UGO: Are you working on Zack Snyder's next movie?

Tyler: 300, yeah.

UGO: What kind of score are you putting together for that?

Tyler: That's...well, the movie is an ancient battle epic. There are beautiful themes on the top and large choir and whatnot, but it's tempered with some extreme heaviness. Zack did an elaborate test shot for Warner Bros to illustrate exactly the kind of film he wanted to make. I scored the test shot and I said to him, "You are aware that this is probably five times heavier than anything that's ever come out in this genre?" (laughs) This has a lot of weight and intensity in the low end of the percussion, so he's down with it. He wants to spawn a new generation of this kind of film.

UGO: What was the test shot exactly?

Tyler: It was one single unedited shot that was about a minute and a half of a battle scene. We see a line of the Spartans line up against the army of 10,000 Persians ready to invade. It was really fantastic. I was really blown away and, like I said, there were no edits in the whole shot, so it was really cool.

UGO: Did he make it look like Sin City at all, or did he put his own look to it?

Tyler: He definitely put his own look. Sin City is its own thing, and I think that the team of guys who worked on it did a fantastic job, but this is a completely different feeling and look from that. It almost looks animated, but it's all live action.


Anynewson300yet?Anynewson300yet?Anynewson300yet? How about now? Anynewson300yet? 

If you kids don't stop that racket, we're turning this web page around RIGHT NOW.  I mean it.

David Wenham

Here's a little holiday cheer, DC-style:  The 12 Days Of Davemas


Rumor has it that Zach Snyder has recently switched gears and started filming a conceptual postmodern version of '300' featuring clown shoes, tennis rackets, and thick Brooklyn accents.  David is currently undergoing intensive training in interior decoration, mime, and trapeze.

See, this is what happens during lengthy news blackouts.  We have to start making up stuff.

Elizajane of WW has kindly shared a small article on David and the Wayside Chapel from the December issue of Australian Women's weekly:  Page 1   Page 2   (thank you EJ, and hugs!)

November 2005


The Proposition scored big at the Lexus IF Awards, bringing home awards for Best Feature Film, cinematography, music, and production design.  The Proposition will be screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from Jan. 19-29, followed by the soundtrack release in February (21st in the US, 20th in the UK, and 14th in Canada, respectively).  "You've heard the see the movie!"

Gettin' Square made the list of top five "that's not a mullet, this is a mullet" films, according to the Nov. 24th Sydney Morning Herald.

Other nicknames for the mullet, from Mullets Galore: mudflap, neckwarmer,  achey-breaky-bad-mistakey, Missouri compromise, Tennessee tophat, ape drape, hockey hair, yep-nope, business in the front/party in the back.  To which I would add "the Spit kit" and "the Johnny waterfall".

PrincessFaz found this cute Lions of Gondor cartoon awhile ago.  Wish I could remember where it came from or who did it.  If anybody knows, email me.

Here's a confirmed report of a David sighting in Montreal on Oct. 26 (from LJ user bagelmuffin_luv):

Yeah mate, I brushed shoulders with him on St-Catherine's street today.

He was wearing a black leather jacket, grey shirt and jeans. He had longer hair than usual and looked pretty groovy shopping on our biggest shopping street. I wasn't sure at first, but that nose was really too familiar. And then I checked resources and film sites claim he's supposed to be in town filming that new movie "300" with Gerard Butler. *sigh* I was in a mortal rush to get to my dad's car on that busy street so I didn't have the chance to talk to him, and he went into a shoe store anyway.

To take everybody's minds off the dastardly Mystery of the Unannounced '300' Role, here's some video and audio links.  Oldies, but goodies...

2003 IF Awards: David Wenham  (RealPlayer) 

Seachange (MPEG)

Molokai - DVD Interview (MSMedia)

Houston Chronicle Interview (RealPlayer)

TTT Extended DVD audio clips at the Argonath site

At The Movies - Three Dollars (RealPlayer)


Why don't we know anything about David's role in 300 yet?  That's because his character has no name.  The official souvenir program from the Battle of Thermopylae shows that a Spartan named "     " (sometimes rendered phonetically as "..." or "?") fought bravely, and anonymously, alongside the others.  In the movie, the other actors will refer to him simply as "Hey You".

In other, non-fake news, Three Dollars won an AFI award for best adapted screenplay, while The Proposition was recognized for production design, costume design, music, and cinematography.

The Madman Entertainment site has posted a retail release date of 15/2/2006 for Three Dollars  (or 2/15/2006 if you live in one of those parts of the world where dates are backwards and left is right and up is white and black is down).


On Saturday, Senator Bob Brown of the Greens Party launched a fundraising appeal in Hobart on behalf of Recherche Bay, currently threatened by logging.  The rally was attended by more than 3000 people, and "Australian actor David Wenham and director Robert Connolly sent messages of support."  (Linda Smith, Sunday Tasmanian)


Q: What is 1 minute long and filled with tension, violence, passion, civil unrest, flames, and David?

A: The trailer for Answered By Fire  (Many thanks to Elizajane of WW, who found this!)

Also from EJ, a nice feature article that talks about David's contribution to the Wayside Chapel as an ambassador.

Nary a peep about '300' yet, although David is now officially listed in the cast at  Current speculation, among those who've read the book, is that the role of Dilios the storyteller is still open, and a definite possibility for our lad.  Time will tell.

The Gettin' Square DVD and soundtrack went on sale in the UK October 17th.

Speaking of GS, David is an ambassador for Australians in Film and occasionally does Q&A sessions for them in Los Angeles at their screenings, which are intended to promote Australian films in the US. He did a session for Gettin' Square, as well as two other films that he didn't have direct involvement with (Danny Deckchair, Garage Days).

Here he is with Jonathan Teplitsky:


and here's their website:

October 2005

Dessicated Coconut is pleased as punch to announce the Grand Opening of The Minkey Institute for Applied David Research.  Thanks to Minkey's generosity, her collection of rare David artifacts now has a permanent home here.  Everybody's invited to attend the gallery opening and tremble in awe at the mightiness of Minkey's research skills.  There's a string quartet and salmon canapes.

LINK OF THE DAY  What do traffic lights and Cyrano de Bergerac have in common?  While attending a half-hour Cyrano Q&A session in Melbourne last spring, Matt Roberts of ANZAPT, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Pyschiatrists in Training, posed a knotty question to the cast: Do you like your hero?  Here's his thought-provoking essay on Cyrano's character.

NEED a rousing speech?  Or an affectionate inscription for a birthday card?  Why not use Doug's cat-burning monologue from Cosi?


We don't know who David will be playing in 300 yet.  Nobody knows who David will be playing.  Not even David.  Every morning they blindfold him, put him in front of the camera, and have him say his lines backwards and out of order.  Then, they erase his memory with the little flashy-light amnesia thing from Men In Black, fire the film crew, and get replacements.  That way, the mystery will be preserved right up until opening night.

But the moment we hear anything, we'll let you know.

Last week, The Proposition scored 11 AFI nominations, along with other top contenders Little Fish and Look Both Ways.  Disappointingly, Three Dollars was locked out, and so was David.  This year was unusually competitive, with a strong and diverse field of candidates.  But I still think that David should get a special El Supremo Level 10 Exalted Most Faboo Actor award, covered in sequins and glitter.


Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro has been confirmed as Xerxes in 300.  So we can scratch that character off the list.  Even as we speak, Las Vegas bookmakers are setting odds on David's role:

Ephialtes - 5:2

CGI Soldier  #34,788 - 100:1

Willy Loman - 6500:1

Shooting will take place almost entirely in front of green screens, starting Monday.  Interior shooting sounds like an excellent idea, given that Montreal winters can be co-o-o-ld, and history records that the Spartans didn't wear a lot of layers at the Battle of Hypothermia.  (If they'd had Gore-Tex, maybe history would have turned out differently.) posted a 300 article that doesn't say much of anything new, but it's worded differently.  And it has a picture of Faramir.

Robert Connolly wrapped up his Three Dollars blog this week with one final posting.  He says, "It's been a huge year, and we are now locking in distribution internationally..." (are there four more beautiful words in the English language?) ..."so for readers outside of Australia, please keep in touch with THREE DOLLARS on as we announce each territory."


300 Fever!

David has been officially confirmed for Zack Snyder's adaptation of 300, which will begin filming in ancient, Montreal...on Oct. 17.  A few key roles have already been cast:  Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo of Sparta, Michael Fassbender as Stelios the young foot soldier, Vincent Regan as 'The Captain' (Artemis).  No word yet on which character David will be playing.  Ephialtes? Xerxes?  Daisyus Maximus?

In the meantime, here's some links of interest:

Headey Is The Queen In '300'  - Variety, Oct. 6

Another Casting Call For 300 - Female with long red hair, must be able to perform underwater with eyes open.

Zack Snyder on '300' - IGN News.

Zack Snyder Interview on '300' at UGO

The Stax Report: Script Review of 300 - IGN news.  Review of the second draft of the script.  Spoilers galore.

300 Blogs About '300' - A blog devoted to the latest news about the movie.

Plot Summary and Art from the graphic novel, at TCI.

Review: 300 at Sparta Pages.

Some kindly friends have sent in reviews of The Proposition:

Times London Film Festival, from POI

Ninemsn from Meaningofhaste


There isn't much news to report on 300 yet.  However, if you are a 3 - 5 year old boy who might look like Gerry Butler when you grow up, OR if you are an arrogant, snaggle-toothed Assyrian with expertise in falling down wells, Warner Brothers would like to talk to you.

Also, the Sydney Swans won the AFL championship.

September 2005

Unfortunately, David has had to cancel RingCon in order to prepare for his newest project, "300".  The announcement appeared earlier today on the Ring*Con  site:

We are very sorry to announce the cancellation of David Wenham. He is in Canada prepping for a new movie and we tried very hard to convince him, to come only for one day, but today we got this email from his agent, but read it for your self. Meanwhile we are trying very very hard to find a replacement for David!

 ... I have now spoken with David Wenham in Montreal, and despite his best efforts and ours, he will not be able to attend RINGCON in Bonn in October. David is personally devastated that he can't be there to meet with all his fans, and keenly shares the disappointment in not being able to attend. It is extremely, unfortunate that due to the intense physical preparation and training for his role in "300" that he is unable to travel to Bonn.

"300" is an adaptation of a graphic novel by Frank Miller.  It tells the true story of 300 elite Spartan fighters, led by King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), who fought to the death against a massive Persian force at Thermopylae.  Their valor later inspired the Greeks to rise up en masse against the Persian invaders, planting the seeds for democracy and reality television.

In happier news, U.K. viewers will be able to see "The Proposition" at the London Film Festival, Oct. 27th.


Happy Birthday David!

We hope the next year will be happy and fulfilling!

Sydney Opera House cake

This is just a little something I threw together in Sydney Harbor last night, in honor of the occasion.  (The tricky part was getting 800,000 eggs past Customs.)

"Pelletamir", Chief Hamster of the Gondor Citadel Guard, will now sing Happy Birthday:


What's that,  Pelletamir?  You made a card for David?  Let's see!

DC Birthday Prediction

Aww!  How adorable!

What's that?  No...I don't think the birthday boy would like to try out your plastic hamster ball.  But that's thoughtful of you to offer.

9/15 Good tidings for Yanks: The Proposition may get a U.S. release early next year.  The Hollywood Reporter reports (thank you Fratchy)....

Sep. 12, 2005

'Proposition' for First Look

First Look Studios has acquired all U.S. rights to "The Proposition," directed by John Hillcoat and written by rock musician Nick Cave, which is having its world premiere Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival. First Look Studios CEO and co-chairman Henry Winterstern and president and chief operating officer Bill Lischak said the film -- starring Emily Watson, Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, John Hurt and David Wenham -- will be released theatrically in January. Set in the 1880s in the Australian outback, the film centers on a man (Pearce) who is told he must track down and kill his older brother or his younger brother will be hanged.

Here's a couple of new Proposition reviews which further illuminate David's nasssssssty character:

The Proposition - Hollywood Reporter, Sept. 13

Vicious of Oz - This Is London, Sept. 13

The Dili Allstars played at the wrap party for 'Answered by Fire' on Aug. 20th.  The Dili Allstars are East Timorese; some of the band members' relatives were killed in East Timor in the violent conflicts of the mid 1970s.

9/12 - Here's the resume page of Tom Coltraine, a.k.a. David's body double.  Tom worked with Robert Connolly and David on The Bank and Three DollarsIn the audio commentary for The Bank, Robert Connolly mentions that there was such a close physical resemblance between the two, they took a photograph of David and Tom standing together and it was difficult to tell them apart.

(And no, I don't know whether Tom is available for birthday parties...)

Twitch Films has a review of The Proposition.  David isn't mentioned (philistines!!), but it goes into some detail about the plot.

fileg recently posted Empire Magazine's crabby DVD reviews of Stiff/The Brush-Off and Three Dollars at Daisy Daily.

9/9 - Posted on the other day, by marketing-40:

David is local to us, The Wayside Chapel, and has been our fabulous ambassador for the last year or so (he is one of only three). Today he donated a gorgeous pair of groovy pointy patent leather shoes (he wore them in Sea Change and they were specially made for him) for our fashion show and celebrity auction which is happening in Kings Cross next Tuesday 13th in the evening. He also donated his favourite denim jacket. Both items are signed with letter to go with them so if anyone wants them they'd better come to the show!) AND he's just done an interview with Woman's Weekly about us and his involvement (watch out for the December issue!).  We LOVE HIM!!!

In a more exciteable vein, a poster named kinziekinz spotted David at Borders recently.  Normally we'd respect journalistic boundaries and not report on David's "off duty" activities, but omg!!! the wrting style!! is just 2 hilarious!!!!!

omg! i was so excited!
i had been sitting in gloria jeans which was attached to Borders and i was waitin for my drink and i was just looking out the window and i saw him and i was like wow he looks so much like david wenham! and then he walked inside borders and took of his sunnies and i was like 'jesus! IT IS DAVID WENHAM!!!' but i was meant to be waiting for my friend across the road so when i got my drink i walked out but took another glance at david and walked back to where i was meant to be meeting Bec and but i was just lookin over at borders to see if he'd walk out and then bec came and i was like 'omg guess who i just saw! DAVID WENHAM!!!' she was all omg where, quick lets go over see if he's still there and we walked into borders and within seconds i saw him so we walked over there but we couldn't see his face so we walked round and when we saw his face bec backed away into bookshelves and was all 'OMG!!!!!' and the expression on her face was priceless!!! so we were there and i'm pretty sure he knew wat we were doing! but then i'm just like fine! so i walked up to him and i said excuse me are david wenham? and he said yes i am and i was all i think your a fantastic actor! i loved you in LOTR's and then bec said yeh it's reli nice to meet you, i'm bec and shook his hand and i was like i'm caitlin and shook his hand and he was reli nice and thanked us for our comments and was all 'well have a good sunday' when we left and as soon as we walked out of the shop we started squeeling and laughing and all 'omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!! i can't belive we met him! i don't wanna wash this hand ever again!' and we couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day and we just could not belive it! we were so happy and excited!!! he was just so nice to us and it was just so exciting! i don't think i'll ever forget it! he's just so fantastic!

From the site, a review of Three Dollars:

Theory: The picture is pretty much just a headshot of David Wenham (a fine Aussie actor you'd most likely know as Faramir from The Lord of the Rings). Still, Wenham has a good face and the bandaged cut on his brow hints at some dramatic incident. The synopsis portrays it as the story of a good man fallen on hard times and his struggle to hold onto his life. Classic stuff. Also, it's in the FFM's competition section, so it should be one of the better films on offer.

Fact: It is. Based apparently on a best-selling novel by the same name, Three Dollars resonates with warmth and humour. There are aspects, mostly comedic flashbacks, reminiscent of High Fidelity. If it were American this would be top-drawer Hollywood, but as a foreign film it'll probably never screen outside festivals.

Lastly, we leave you with this bit of sage advice, from the recently released Shane Maloney DVD box set: 

Instructions:  1.  Place DVD in DVD player.  2. Pour red fluid into glass.  3. Push 'Play'.  Sip from glass.

9/7 - Three Dollars won an Ecumenical Prize Special Mention at the Montreal Film Festival.  The Ecumenical Prize goes to a movie that confronts injustice and explores the ethical, social, and spiritual values that humanize life.  Top honors in the category went to Kamataki.

David did the voiceovers for the Wayside Chapel's new "Please Don't Judge" television campaign.  You can view the commercials on the Wayside Chapel Home Page.

August 2005


The Trailer for

I'm sorry.  I'll stop yelling.

The trailer for The Proposition is out!


Also, the Montreal Film Festival is going on this week.  From the Aug. 25 Montreal Mirror:

Emanating from Australia - and that's usually good enough reason to attend in itself - is Three Dollars, the latest from director Robert Connolly (The Bank). The film recounts the story of Eddie (David Wenham), a government employee who has always played by the rules, and expected that his needs would be taken care of as a result. Sadly, government cutbacks mean dear old Eddie, who's pushing 40, is out of a job. All the man has as he walks away from his job are $3 in his pocket. Based on Elliot Perlman's novel of the same name, Three Dollars examines morality in contemporary Australia.

And finally, because we at Dessicated Coconut are always thinking of the children.....  Doug's Rap: G rated version


Image hosted by
cartoon by MIS

Today we have an interview with John Maynard, producer of Three Dollars.

And a really old blog review of Stiff.

GEEEZ it's a slow news day.  Time to feed David's name into a few online name generators:

David's Pimp Name: Dopetastic D. Squeeze
Hobbit Name: Drogo Danderfluff
Pirate Name: Black Davy Flint
Prison Name: "The Receptacle"
Smurf Name: Trusty Smurf
Jedi Name: Wenda Brnat of Planet Viagra
Goth Name: Liquid Dreams
Taxi Driver Name: Pheckbarrrr Peterson
Mafia Name: "No Brainer" Emilio
Mormon Name: Clarvid St. Benjamin
Indian Name: Improvisational Toad
Porn Name: Jizzy Kielbasa
Pope Name: Pope Unspeakable Willie VI
Outlaw Biker Name: Wrench Head of the Toecutters MC
Spammer Name: Clammy C. Reykjavik
Reggae Name: Tuff Prophet



-- jl50jjl on
(courtesy of Phantasmagoria)


Two of David's movies have been longlisted for this year's AFI Feature Film awards: Three Dollars and The Proposition.  Rowan Woods' Little Fish also made the list.  Judging screenings start in September.

According to Robert Connolly's blog, Three Dollars has been selected for official competition at this year's Montreal World Film Festival.  The film will have its international premiere at this event on Aug. 29, with director Robert Connolly and actor David Wenham in attendance.

The "retail" release date for Three Dollars is unknown, but it will be available for DVD/VHS rental on Sept. 28th,  according to these fine people.

8/10 - Senses of Cinema has an in-depth interview with Robert Connolly, Empty Pockets, in which he talks about his work on Three Dollars and The Bank. (warning: possible spoilers)

Of all the odd things you're likely to see on the internet today, this Faramir's Nose Xanga will easily rank among the top 100.

Fun clip of the day: a short video interview from the Monster Legend site (posted by Eliza at WW).  Scroll down to the second "MONSTER LEGEND" entry (in the "Sources" column) and click on the three crosses.

8/3 - ABC's 7.30 Report has done a special report on filming for Answered By Fire.  Many of the actors appearing in the production lived through the events in East Timor, and the filming has been stirring up some strong and painful emotions on the set.

Bits and Pieces has been updated with a mangled translation of a televised interview David gave to Inter-FM in Japan last summer, when he was in Tokyo to promote Van Helsing.   Parts of it sound like those tote bags emblazoned with random English words ("Big Wednesday!    Elephant sport!"), but you'll be able to get a rough idea.

July 2005

7/29 - Oooops.  We forgot to include the lovely photo of David and Jenni Klaus that goes with Jenni's radio interview.  Go look!  Now!

Filming on Answered by Fire has been disrupted twice this month, once by torrential rains, and again by kangaroos.  The July 27 Daily Telegraph reports that during recent filming, a mob of kangaroos hopped into a shot of an "East Timorese swamp", and the sequence had to be reshot.

Earlier today, David was confirmed as a guest at RingCon 2005, to be held at the Esperanto Hotel in Fulda, Germany from Oct. 7 - 10.  David will join Sean Astin, John Noble, Craig Parker, John Howe, and a host of others who worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

7/27 - Grateful thanks to Jenni Klaus of Edge Radio 99.3 FM in Hobart, Tasmania for sharing with us a summary of her recent interview with David.

The thinking casting agent's crumpet   Today's theme is "Possible Future Roles For David".  First up is an interview with Sandy McCutcheon, author of The Magician's Son, a riveting memoir of his lifelong struggle to recover his lost identity.  McCutcheon, a fascinating storyteller, mentions David as being a good candidate for the lead role, but adds "He's a bit too good looking - he'd need to go on a diet".

Below, a list of other characters that have been proposed for David on various film and book message boards:

1. Conan the Barbarian

2. Professor Lupin (of Harry Potter fame)

3. James Bond  (of James Bond fame)

4. Jonathan Strange (from the bestselling novel by Susanna Clarke)

5. Vincent Van Gogh

6. F'lar (from the Pern series by Ann McCaffrey)

7.  Drizzt Do'Urden  (no idea who this is, but it sounds like it involves a prosthetic forehead)

8. Bree (from the Narnia series)

9.  Tintin

10.  Archie Andrews

11.  Aramis from The Three Musketeers

12. Dr. Who

13.  Dr. Watson

7/25 - Apologies for the lack of recent updates.  I've been "roughing it" in darkest New Hampshire for the past two weeks, and just got back to civilization yesterday.  Without further ado, here's some random stuff mined off the internet.

Freeze Dried Movies has a round-table interview with David and Billy from last summer's Comic Con (recently discovered by Minkey).  In a stroke of marketing brilliance, David proposes a super-super-deluxe edition of LOTR in 4-D.  Just imagine:  In a 4-D version, the trilogy would exist simultaneously at all points in time and entertain the ancient Phoenicians, as well as the master race of sentient hamsters that will, in the future, conquer us and take over the earth.  David and Billy would then find themselves booked on a hyper-dimensional tour, giving sphere-table interviews on behalf of New Plane Cinema.

A pleasant prospect, but for now we'll have to be content with the flat version of LOTR.

elflady2001 has posted a link on her blog to an Amazon LOTR 10th Anniversary Making Of video, which is hosted by one Mr. D. Wenham.  The .wmv files can be downloaded here, beneath the first photo (thank you, Phaz, for finding this).

Rowan Woods has a new film out, Little Fish, which is an expanded version of Tran the Man, his senior project at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.  Tran the Man featured a youthful David as Raymond "Tran" Moss, a shopping mall security guard who gets mixed up in some serious shizzle when his brother and uncle's heroin business gets undercut.  Little Fish, which opened at the Melbourne International Film Festival last Wednesday, stars Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving.


 David as Mark Waldman in Answered by Fire. Scanned by Yolanda, from an article in the July 22 Brisbane Courier-Mail.  Text from this and another recent interview in the Gold Coast Bulletin (transcribed by Minkey) is available in the Bits and Pieces section.  As always, a huge round of thanks to Yo & Mink for their unwavering devotion to the cause.

Occasionally, we get submissions of poetry, fan art, and the like from readers.  Hence, we are introducing a new section called the Fan Korner (for lack of a better name), to spotlight these creative efforts.  Today's featured poem is by Nancy Hibberd, who composed it in honor of David's return to the stage as Cyrano.  Nancy has also put together a downloadable slide show tribute to David (to the tune of "I Need A Man" by the Eurythmics).  Enjoy!

7/6 - Good news for North American fans-in-exile:  The Proposition will premiere at this year's Toronto Film Festival (Sept. 8 - 17, 2005) as part of the "Visions" showcase.  This is a real coup, according to The Age, which notes that Toronto is one of North America's most prestigious festivals, and that major distributors will be on hand looking for suitable material.

CORRECTION:  It appears that the name of David's character in Answered By Fire may not be Mark Worth, but Mark Waldman.  The earlier information came from a Montreal newspaper article which gave his name as "Davis Wenham".

You know Davis:  he appeared in Van Helsinki (the Finnish vampire movie), Lard of the Rings (in which The One Doughnut gets tossed into a deep fryer), and the cheap bootleg knockoff Two Dollars And Seventy-Nine Cents.  (Always check the label carefully before you buy.)


On a somber note, our deepest condolences to the family and friends of film director William Mather-Brown, a close friend and fellow performing-arts schoolmate of David's, who drowned last week in Nice while trying to save his son from a swift-flowing river.  David had this to say about his friend:

"Bill was one of my great mates. He was the only person that would make me cry with laughter every time I saw him.  His kids were the No. 1 love of his life."

Mather-Brown co-directed the documentary Troy's Story, narrated by Ewan MacGregor, which recently won the grand jury prize at the New York Independent Film and Video festival.

June 2005

6/28 - This just in from MeaningofHaste (who really should be made an honorary DC administrator):

Queensland Courier Mail, Australia, June 25, byline Natalie Gregg.
"A slice of the Gold Coast hinsterland is being transformed into a tiny, primitive East Timorese village for the production of a new television mini-series which starts shooting on Monday. "Answered by Fire," starring David Wenham, is a three-hour mini-series set around the events of the bloody 1999 East Timor referendum. The $8 million co-production, between Australian producers Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier and two Canadian production companies, explores the relationship between an Australian policeman, a Canadian policewoman, and a young East Timorese translator. About 70 Queenslanders are employed as crew for the eight-week shoot.

Producer Roger Le Mesurier said it had taken about seven weeks to construct the East Timorese village at Mt. Tamborine, which includes traditional thatched-roof houses. Another village is being built at Cabbage Tree Point on the suthern edge of Moreton Bay. "But much planning came before that," Le Mesurier said. "The director, set designer, both writers and costume designer travelled to East Timor to conduct research."

He said in additon to ensuring the aesthetics of the film were accurate, the historical and political history was also important.  The mini-series was co-written by Australian screen writer Katherine Thomson and is based on extensive interviews with members of the United Nations contingent and East Timorese locals.

"It is a work of fiction but the research into events has been very thorough," le Mesurier said. Exectutive producer and co-writer Barbara Samuels said the Australian policeman, played by David Wenham, comes from the Gold Coast. "The Gold Coast actually gets to play itself for once," Samuels said. "This character lives there and he is spitting distance from East Timor and the contrast between the two worlds is remarkable. We are exploring the collison of worlds, and Westerners go to help out and they find themselves inside a nightmare."

Also courtesy of MoH:  today's featured interview, "Stature of David", at Bits and Pieces 2.

6/22 - Tentative new release date for the Shane Maloney telemovies on DVD:  August 31st.  Also don't forget, Three Dollars will be available September 21st.

Over at Daisy Daily, there's a beautiful gallery of black and white shots of David, from we know not where (posted by bijou, found by dryope, detagged by todd_loves_mc and leahrif).  Here's a small sample to amuse your sophisticated, fin-de-siecle palate:

Image hosted by     Image hosted by

This is not news (at least, it's not new), but here's a photo of David adding his two lines to the International Peace Poem shortly after the Molokai premiere.  The poem is the collective work of youths and adults from all over the world, in 70 languages.  Mother Theresa and Woody Guthrie have also contributed lines.  If you'd like to join in, there's an email link on this page to send your contribution.

This is also not really news, but we needed something to fill the rest of this bleak white space:  Sydney Swans midfielder Brett Kirk, who currently leads the team in disposals*, claims on his player profile that in the film of his life, he would be played by David Wenham.

*I don't know what "disposals" means, but it sounds ominous.  Where do they put all the bodies after the game?

6/15 - Added a new-old Q&A from the Brisbane News at the top of the Bits and Pieces page.  Nelson Mandela is pretty cool, come to think of it.

At the WORN galleries, if you have a free moment, you can gaze upon Faramir wallpaper of surpassing beauty (by elanor_dh and Jenny Chen): "I Mourn No More"  "Brothers"  "The Days That Followed"  "On The Threshold Of Death"

Over at the Sacred Grove, we've scrubbed off the cobwebs and dead beetles and added a new blog entry.

If you're a fan of Catherine Karina Chmiel's fabulous Faramir & Boromir comics, she's recently added a new set: Boromir vs. Theodred.

Found some "Sims" Faramir skins here and here, which are fun to look at even if you're not a game aficionado.  (The second one does artistic justice to Faramir's lower lip).

6/10 - Director Robert Connolly is still hoping to generate interest in an international Three Dollars release, via a grass roots campaign.  Call your local movie theater, e-mail independent distributors ( has a list of US studios and distributors), spread the word among your friends and family.  Demand = supply!

Yolanda at WW posted an ABC Media Release with a little more information about Answered By Fire.  Shooting will begin in Queensland on June 27.  No word yet on when the miniseries will premiere; preliminary reports indicate sometime in 2006.

Here's an interesting's Faramir's audition script, which reveals how the Houses of Healing, the encounter with Frodo and Sam, and the "Wizard's Pupil" scene were originally written, before PJ came along with the snip-snip.

Added a new and rather alarming image at the bottom of the FaraWars page.  I may continue the series with a Pure reunion: Kiera Knightley (as the decoy queen from The Phantom Menace) and Lenny.

Or not.

6/8 - Google turned up this odd little item today:  ROO Group Expands New York Operations.  (thanks MoH!)  David is mentioned tangentially:  "Recent guests to the ROO studios have included music rock star Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and movie star David Wenham of Lord of The Rings."

SueB found this lovely pencil sketch of Faramir and Eowyn on the ramparts of Minas Tirith, credited to Cathy Chan.

For a good chuckle, read these blow-by-blow blog reviews of Dust and Crocodile Hunter (parental warnings: uncouth language, cynicism).  See if you recognize yourself, prowling through the homogenously stocked aisles of a large chain video store in the dark winter days of 2004, desperately searching for the tiniest Wenham fix.  Relive the youthful excitement of your first viewing of Collision Course.  Thrill to the multimedia visuals of David's manly stick shift driving.  Ah, the memories....

There's a brand new forum devoted to writing and fan fiction (heavily Faramir-centric) called Creative Juices.  Visit, join, meet other writers, recommend stories, trade writing tips, read and critique each other's work.  There are some wonderful stories already posted there, including MeaningofHaste's "Faramir: Exile" series and eggowaffles' delightfully warped 'Mir brother pieces.

Release dates for the Shane Maloney telemovies on VHS/DVD have been pushed back yet again.   As soon as we hear anything, we'll let you know.

6/7 - Check out Meaningofhaste's hilarious LOTR/Star Wars crossover short, on our new FaraWars page.  Inspired by SueB's "A Tough Nut to Crack", it's a bittersweet coming-of-age story about a young Steward who discovers that some objects ARE more clumsy and random than blasters.  We'll be adding on to the page periodically.  Contributions are welcome!


6/6 - Dessicated Coconut is 1 year old today!


Yes, in just 12 short months, DC has learned a few simple words, and can now recognize and reach for bright, colorful objects.  We're so proud!

To celebrate, we've broken up the Movies section into several smaller pages.  Now you no longer have to wait 8 trillion hours for all the pictures to load.  (Hallelujah.)

May 2005

5/31 - David has a new project!

From the May 29 Sydney Morning Herald:


David Wenham will star in a three-part ABC miniseries, Answered by Fire, about the 1999 referendum in East Timor and its aftermath. Wenham plays a policeman who volunteers for the UN mission. It is the first drama co-production between the ABC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and will co-star Canadian actor Isabelle Blais. It will be directed by Jessica Hobbs (Love My Way). Shooting begins in south-east Queensland next month and it will air next year.

The film tells the story of two UN peacekeepers (an Australian volunteer officer and a Canadian volunteer officer) and the young female translator from East Timor whom they befriend amidst the violence sparked by the August 1999 independence referendum in East Timor.  The name of David's character is Mark Worth.  The mini-series will broadcast as three 60-minute episodes on ABC in Australia, and CBC in Canada.

In other news, Three Dollars is tentatively scheduled for release on Region 4 DVD September 21st.  On the deluxe edition, a small electronic chip embedded inside the cover will play "Happy Birthday, Dear David" again and again until you whap it with a hammer, or leave it out in the rain.  (I speak from similar, bitter experience.)

Three Dollars was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival's Market a couple of weeks ago, in hopes of attracting interest for international release.

5/23 - Attention "Star Wars" fans!  Leahrif, also known as Phantasmagoria of TORC, has conjured an entire page of Jedi Daves on her Livejournal. (May 20th entry)  Put on your sunglasses, 'cause they're brilliant.  Who knew the Force also had a red side?

SPOTTED in Pennsylvania recently, adorning the car of one of the co-admins of this site:


Which has inspired me to apply for my own custom license plate:


The Shane Maloney telemovies will be available on Region 4 DVD May 25.  Special features include interviews with John Clarke, Sam Neill, and David Wenham, and a guided tour around Murray Whelan's haunts by the author himself.

Pure will get a limited theatrical release in the U.S. on July 10.  Check your local theater listings.

According to the voices in my head Sydney Morning Herald, the tentative release date for "The Proposition" is October 6.

5/3 - Last week, David and Robert Connolly flew by helicopter down to Recherche Bay in Tasmania, a rainforest area that has recently been threatened by pulpmill and logging plans.  They were given a tour of the Styx River Forest by Greens Senator Bob Brown.  There's an article in the May 1 Sunday Tasmanian, as well as a writeup and photo links on Robert Connolly's blog.  For further information about the campaign to save the Tasmanian forests, visit The Wilderness Society's website.

On April 15, David did a return engagement with the folks on ABC's Triple J Breakfast.  The interview is archived as MP3s in 2 parts (thanks to Yolanda for the link!).

April 2005

4/29 Lately I've been thinking that they really should come out with "Three Dollars" action figures.  Children always enjoy re-enacting complex, contemporary urban dramas out in the backyard.

Some new interviews & snippets today, in the Bits and Pieces section, and a radio interview with Sarah Wynter at Nova 100.3 FM, Melbourne.

And a stunning David wallpaper from a German graphic artists' site (found by POI).

Three Dollars Review from

4/20 For some of today's links, we're deeply indebted (as always) to the internet sleuths at Wenham Wonderland.

Three Dollars A Good Bet   Photo and short cast interview in The Daily Telegraph, April 12

Stars Cheer Their Teams  David and "The Thorpedo" root as one for the Swans.  The Daily Telegraph, April 18

720 ABC Perth Saturday breakfast interview, April 16.  Transcript and downloadable audio file. has tons of photos from the Melbourne premiere of Three Dollars.  (Well, not literally tons.  Jpeg files don't actually weigh very much.)

Download a 9MB .wmv video file of the ABC 7.30 report here...

The Human Consequences of Economic Rationalism   Green Left Weekly reviews Three Dollars.

Bits and Pieces has been updated with two new blurbs from Spy magazine (thanks to Minkey) and an October 2000 article about David from  I took shameless advantage of their 14-day free trial subscription to pilfer it.  On the other hand, they'll be filling up my in-box, and the in-boxes of my descendents, with spam from now until eternity, so I guess it's a fair trade.

4/12 - David chatted with Sally Loane yesterday on the 702 morning radio show.  An audio file is available in RealPlayer format (scroll down the page a bit).

Tracey Bowden interviews David on ABC's 7.30 report.   ABC Online has a condensed version with photos.

For A Few Dollars More Three Dollars premiered last night at Dendy Opera Quays.  As far as we know, there were no injuries reported.

4/1 As 'Cyrano' winds down, Three Dollars gets ready for release on April 21.  Mission Australia, in addition to releasing commemorative stamps, is sponsoring some special screenings and Q&A sessions around the country.   David is scheduled to appear at a red-carpet gala in Sydney on the 11th, and in Adelaide on the 14th.

Workers Online recently ran a review of Three Dollars which discusses the movie in depth, frosted with a thick layer of tongue-in-cheek pretension and satire (at least, I hope they weren't using the term "allegorical nexxus" with a straight face).  Beware: spoilers!

March 2005

3/23 -

I must apologize...I've been very much behind the curve recently in getting news out here in a timely fashion.   Um, has everybody heard yet that David Wenham will be playing Faramir in Peter Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Robert Connolly, director of Three Dollars, has started a blog which offers some insights into the making of the film and its release.  Among other things, he talks about upcoming Q&A sessions in major Australian cities, the official commemorative stamps, and prospects for international release.  There are definite plans for distribution in several countries, including Italy.  The U.S. and U.K. may be included if Reiko, the film's distributor, can capitalize on the significant amount of interest coming out of these countries.  Oo!  Oo!  Over here!  *waves hand wildly*  We're interested!  We're interested!!

Meanwhile, over at LiveJournal, Cousin Shelley has started a new community called David Wenham Daily (or Daisy Daily, for those of you on a first-name basis).  Go check it out!  It's got tons of goodies: screen caps, interviews, a downloadable Three Dollars trailer, cocktail recipes, and general mayhem.  In fact, the next several Cyrano links are direct from Cousin Shelley herself (thanks, Cuz!):

Theatre Notes: Cyrano de Bergerac by Alison Croggon, Feb. 26

Broadway Australia review

Big Hats And Big Noses Mean Big Laughs  Review in The Blurb

And for those who can't make the 12,000 mile trip to see Cyrano de Bergerac in person, here's an eyewitness account by a young theater-goer.  She also did this amazing pencil sketch of Faramir.

Another Broadway Australia article: "Monumental Story"

3/16 - Extra!  Extra!  Get yer red hot Three Dollars trailer right here!

Reports from TORN on the recent "Evening with Peter Jackson" in Sydney include some funny moments from the LOTR blooper reel. Among the highlights: what Faramir was really thinking during the coronation scene.

3/11 - Another great review of Cyrano, this one by Owen Richardson:  Cyrano de Bergerac.

Photos from Three Dollars may be had here (thank you, Fruby of TORC, for finding these).  Scroll, and enjoy.  The last photo is strangely reminiscent of the cover of Abbey Road (also of Murray Whelan; perhaps it's the plastic bag).

IMDB is currently recommending Babe for people who also enjoyed Three Dollars.  (We assume they're going by title, not by content.)

Hey look!  It's the other David Wenham!

PrincessFaz and make_it_stop proudly present Chapter 1 of our first joint fan-fiction: Lawd of Them Hills.  In this version of "Lord of the Rings", everybody is a Gondor brother, and the Moon Pies flow like dandelion wine.  It's got talking hillbillies and everything.  Go on...y'all know you want a peek....

December 2004

Dec. 30, 2004   Well, except for the release of the long-awaited ROTK "Hunkity Hunk" edition, it's been a pretty slow month. We're in a hiatus period between David Wenham projects, which means actual (as opposed to made-up) news updates may be few and far between for awhile. Next up in 2005: Cyrano de Bergerac, which opens in March at the Melbourne Theater Company.

Wishing everybody a prosperous, happy, and region-free New Year!

Dec. 22, 2004  It's finally here:  the new skull-a-riffic Return of the King Extended Edition!   For bonus Faramir footage, we recommend the "Horse Lords", "Costume Design", and "Costume Gallery" extras.

Got a Steward-specific emergency?  Consult our Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook (Gondorian edition).

A new cap from Tran the Man (1994), created by Jo at Wenham Wonderland, is now up on the Movies page. Rowan Woods directed this short film, a forerunner to The Boys.

Over in Fiction, added a new link to some fun Faramir AU and Carl stories (sorry it took so long, Felix...!)  "Lost Tales of a Steward's Son" is particularly amusing.

Here's an interesting artifact:  the shooting script for "Dust".  (If it doesn't download automatically, go here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Download Screenplay").  It has deleted scenes, including a very odd scene in which Lilith is cutting up bloody meat in the river.  Luke happens by, she slices her finger, and they exchange banter about sausages.   (You had to be there.)

The Proposition wrapped filming last week in...oh wait, we already said that.  This news article explains all.

Dec. 6, 2004  The Dendy Films website has some updated information about Three Dollars, with a still photo of Eddie Harnovey, David's character (thank you, Tezemir darlin'...) The film is scheduled for release in 2005.  <--  And now, with working link!  Kwality is our middle name...

The Proposition wraps filming this week in the town of Winton, Queensland.  The tentative release date is late 2005.  For more info, here's an article from Dark Horizons.

Stiff and The Brush-Off will be released on PAL/Region 4 DVD on Feb. 28, 2005.

Dec. 3, 2004   Check out this video interview with David Wenham and Billy Boyd, from Comic Con 2004.

November 2004
Nov. 1, 2004    Our Bits and Pieces section has another eyewitness report on the HIFF "Art and Craft of Acting" seminar, this one quite detailed and interesting.
Event photos from the festival are posted on HIFF's Press Release page.  For example, this one.  And this one.  
October 2004
Oct. 29, 2004    TORN has a short report on yesterday's acting seminar:  Wenham Lecture In Hawaii.
HIFF jury awards were announced yesterday, and Gettin' Square received the audience award for Best Feature Film.
Unfortunately, Murray Whelan didn't win the AFI award for Best Male Actor last night, but our heartfelt congratulations to David for getting the nomination.  We hope the AFI (and the world at large) will continue to recognize his achievements.
Oct. 25, 2004    Interview with David from last Thursday's Honolulu AdvertiserWenham in Hawaii for Fun, Film Festival.
Two small articles on the town of Winton, where The Proposition is currently being filmed:  Winton Soaks Up Movie Making Experience  and The Day Hollywood Arrived In Winton  (featuring Leon the Pub Regular).

Oct. 21, 2004    Here are two ROTK EE trailers.  *SPOILERAMA!*  Don't watch if you want to be surprised when the real thing comes out.  Do watch if you want to wake up on the floor six hours from now with a mysterious contusion on your forehead.

Amazon preview  (has the Faramir-Pippin scene)

Official site trailer  (snippet from the Houses of Healing).  Be patient; this takes a minute or two to load.

Today's Honolulu Star Bulletin has an interview with HIFF judge David Wenham.  In the spirit of things Hawaiian, here's a cute photo of David being greeted by a Kalaupapa patient from the '99 Molokai premiere.

Oct. 13, 2004   David will be appearing in the Nick Cave film The Proposition, a period piece about three bushranger brothers set in the late 1800s. He'll be playing an "upper class Anglo-Australian landowner".  Filming has already started, and will take place in Queensland over the next eight weeks.  Read the full article
The current issue of the Lord of the Rings Fan Club magazine features Faramir on the cover, and an interview with David inside.  An article transcript has been posted on Live Journal.
Oct. 11, 2004   If you happen to find yourself in Honolulu, Hawaii at the end of October, David has been selected as a member of the "Golden Maile" jury for the 2004 Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival.  On the 28th, he will be presenting a seminar on The Art and Craft of ActingGettin' Square is one of the films on the festival program.  (Thanks to Illiaris for the link)
Oct. 1, 2004   David has been nominated for an AFI award for Best Male Actor in a Leading Role, for his portrayal of Murray Whelan in The Brush-Off.  The 46th AFI awards will be presented in Melbourne's Regent Theatre on October 29.
Earlier this week, at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney, David attended the premiere of Time to Go, John, a series of short films critiquing the Howard government's record on a range of issues from Iraq to reconciliation.  The film has been compared to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.

Sept. 28, 2004   E! News Live has put out a video clip which includes a preview of the Paths of the Dead from the ROTK EE, and a snippet of an interview with Billy Boyd and David Wenham from Comic Con 2004.  The interview is about 1 minute in.  Download it here

Also, there is a new (and tiny) picture of a wistful, bandaged Faramir inside the Houses of Healing, perhaps wishing that the orderlies would feed him something other than lime Jello.  You can view it at ElfLady's photobucket (bottom row on the right).

David will be hosting the Wayside Chapel's Art Show and Auction on Oct. 14th, as part of the King's Cross Arts Festival.  Located in Sydney, the Wayside Chapel provides innovative social welfare services, including drug rehabilitation, a crisis center and outreach, a mobile health clinic, and "Shepherd of the Streets".

Sept. 27, 2004   The release date for The Return Of The King Special Extended Edition has been officially announced:

---->  Dec. 14 <---- 

Pre-orders will be accepted starting Oct. 1.  Further details here

Sept. 21, 2004   In February 2005, David will be appearing on stage in the Melbourne Theater Company's upcoming production of Cyrano de Bergerac.  The play is scheduled to run through early April.

David has generously donated a pair of sunglasses for a celebrity auction to benefit the Fred Hollows Foundation, an organization dedicated to combating preventable blindness in Third World countries and improving the health of Australia's aboriginal population.

Several photographs by Lord Lichfield were auctioned off to benefit St. Vincent's Hospital last night, among them a portrait of David.

September 2004

Sept. 21, 2004   Today is Davidmas (aka David's birthday).  Dessicated Coconut would like to wish him a very happy birthday, and much success and happiness in the coming year!

Sept. 16, 2004   Here's a link to a wee article about "The Brush-Off" (from The Guide, dated Sept 2), scanned and posted in rohandove's LJ.  Partners In Crime

Sept. 14, 2004   From today's Age:  "Labor Struts Its Artistic Promise With $175m"Australia's Labor Party yesterday unveiled its new plan to increase funding for the arts, including a long-term blueprint for growth for the country's film and television industry.  Attendees included David, Robert Connolly, and other concerned stakeholders.

Yet another Comic Con interview, this one at, dated Sept. 7.

Sept. 8, 2004   The Brush-Off's televised debut was a great success, according to a shamelessly unbiased source (Shane Maloney): "The second Murray Whelan telemovie went to air at 8:30 pm last Sunday. David Wenham's impersonation of Murray was one again a delight and almost a million viewers watched the show. With luck, they will all now rush out and buy the book.  I'm still awaiting word on future telemovies. And for overseas fans of Murray - sorry, still no plans for video or DVD release."

Regarding the casting, Maloney observed, "David Wenham volunteered to star as Murray Whelan, the political minder at the centre of the action. His recent encounter with swarms of head-kicking orcs in ‘Lord of the Rings’ was ideal preparation for playing an ALP insider."    (Excerpts from Shane Maloney's Diary ) 

Sept. 2, 2004   Today's edition of The Age has a glowing review of "The Brush-Off".  (If you're having trouble getting past the registration page, it's also on our page of archived Articles from "The Age").

August 2004

8/31  Red alert!  After The Deluge will be released on Region 1 DVD on October 19.  Amazon has it listed on their site for $13.99 retail.  If you haven't seen this film yet, it's well worth it; the performances are wonderful.  For a review and further details, visit our Movies page.

Coincidentally, Oct. 19th is also the North American release date for Van Helsing on DVD.  You may want to stock up on batteries and water and stay far away from the coastline, as the combined influence of two David Wenham movies being released in a single day could cause the earth's tides to shift and the polar ice caps to melt.  Don't say we didn't warn you.

Van Helsing premiered in Tokyo yesterday.  David was on hand for the official debut, along with Stephen Sommers, Will Kemp, Elena Ayana, Siliva Colloca, and Josie Maran.  Wire Image has some thumbnail photos of the event (you'll have to do a search to view them).

8/25  "The Brush-Off" will debut on the Seven network on Sept. 5.  Details and plot synopsis are available at the Seven site.  Meanwhile, a magazine called Nevermore has published an interview with David Wenham and Billy Boyd, which answers the burning question uppermost in everybody's mind:  "what is your favorite pizza topping"?  (Thanks to LadyStef and Illiaris, respectively)

8/23   Still photos from "Stiff" and "The Brush-off" are up at Murray's World (scroll to the bottom of the page to see.)

8/17   Here's a link to the blog of a person who was hired as an extra for Three Dollars, which wrapped shooting on April 30th and is scheduled for delivery in November.  Her character's name is Girl Number Seven In Bar.  The entries of interest are April 7th and April 15th (scroll down inside the smaller window to reach them).  David's character's name is Eddie.  So far, details about this movie are maddeningly few and far between.  Thanks to Comic Con, we know it has an ATM.

8/10    The Southern Star Site has the Murray Whelan trailer available for download.  Because I'm a technical doofus and can't figure out how to link directly to the servlet, please follow these instructions:  1.  When the page comes up, click the blue "International" title.  2.  On the left-hand menu, click the Catalogue link.  3  Click on Primetime.  4.  Enter "Whelan" in the Full/Partial title box and click Search.  The Murray Whelan page will come up with the link to the trailer.

8/9  Two interviews of interest:  Sci Fi Wire has David's comments about the ROTK EE, and MTV has a video interview with David about his role as Carl in Van Helsing.

8/4  Ain't-It-Cool News has published an interview with David Wenham and Billy Boyd from Comic Con.  David discusses the addition of the Faramir-Eowyn romance to the ROTK EE, the exhausting process of filming the defense of Osgiliath, and adroitly sidesteps the "dirty joke" gambit.

Excerpt from an article about the FTA in the Aug. 1 Sun-Herald:

Australian entertainers fear that the home-grown industry, particularly in pay TV and new media, will be swamped by US imports and future Australian governments will be unable to set Australian content quotas.

Actor David Wenham, who shot to fame in the SeaChange series, said he recently returned from the US where he and American colleagues "openly talked about America's dominance in the film and TV industry".

He said none of them had heard about the agreement.

When it was discussed that Australia would receive more American programs but the US would not receive more Australian programs, Wenham's colleagues asked him how the Government could be satisfied with such an arrangement.

"I had no reply," he said.

Correction to an earlier news item:  The Van Helsing release date has been revised to October 19th.

8/1  More photos from Comic Con, by the same correspondent (Persephone) who posted the detailed account below.

July 2004

7/29 Some interesting eyewitness accounts from Comic Con, and video of the panel discussion:

Q&A Video Clips - 15 in total, 1-6 minutes each.  Please right-click and download before viewing (to save bandwidth).  (thanks, Illiaris!)

LJ article about Q&A and autograph sessions - PFaz found a very detailed and funny account (with photos) on LiveJournal, from a user with press credentials.  "It was bloody epic. Lives were affected, tears were shed, riding crops were brandished, a massive fangirl explosion was narrowly avoided."

Here's her description of the Faramir-Eowyn scene:

I could not breathe during that scene. Jesus my eyes are stinging even now thinking about it. It cuts to Faramir's face for the last part, and the look in his eyes... Remember how in the theatrical cut we all died when he teared up after Denethor ripped into him? Well try and imagine the equivalent of that as a look of pure, pure love. It was... it was like I had suffered a concussion watching that scene. It was stunning.

Report from Comic Con at TORN - Letter from a girl who was invited to pose a question to David and Billy for an interview at  (The accompanying picture is here).  (Thanks, anuhealani!)

To see event photos, visit our Gallery.

7/27 Van Helsing will be released on DVD Sept. 28.  (The date was announced some time ago, but we just wanted to stick it in here before we forget.) 

7/26 At long last, there's some concrete news about the ROTK Extended Edition!  On Friday night, the audience at Comic-Con's New Line event in San Diego was treated to a four-minute trailer, previews of additional scenes, and a panel discussion featuring David Wenham (Faramir) and Billy Boyd (Pippin).  The preview included the following new Pharamir Phootage:

  • Faramir confronting Denethor over the Ring (with a Boromir flashback)
  • Bonding scene between Faramir and Pippin
  • Faramir courting Eowyn at the Houses of Healing ("I do not believe this darkness can endure")

Download the trailer here: site   or here: Herr-der-Ringe site.  (Due to high demand, quasi-legality, and bandwidth consumption, availability may vary.)

For a full report and eyewitness accounts of the new scenes, visit our Return of the King: EE page.

During the panel discussion, David spoke about his current project, Three Dollars.  He also described the process of recording commentary for the movies by himself, with "the world's worst long-term memory" and no other cast members to bounce memories off of.  His favorite scene in "The Two Towers" was the flashback to the Steward family (“It’s the only opportunity to see the family, and the love and respect between the brothers”), though he couldn't for the life of him think what their surname might be.  (Answer: The McHottievitches, of course.)  His favorite scene in ROTK is the scene between him and Pippin, which will be included on the Extended Edition DVD.

David and Billy were also asked what their favorite comic books were.  After a pregnant pause (which delivered triplets), David said he didn't really remember reading them as a kid, but promised next time he'd do his homework and read tons of them before coming to Comic Con.  This got a big laugh (which got bigger when Billy added "I agree".)

Download a video clip from the panel discussion (Billy telling a story about Viggo Mortensen kissing him, whilst David chuckles appreciatively):   Part 1   Part 2 has two photos from the panel.

The release date for the ROTK Extended Edition has been confirmed as December 2004.

7/13 On Friday, July 23rd, at Comic-Con 2004 in San Diego, New Line Home Entertainment will present a first look at The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Special Extended DVD Edition. This hour-long presentation will debut select clips from the extended version of the film and will include a panel discussion featuring key cast and crew members who were involved in the creation of the extended DVD. Program elements will include Peter Jackson's scene selection process (his favorite moments, etc.) and stories from The Lord of the Rings co-producer Rick Porras and cast members David Wenham and Billy Boyd about the behind-the-scenes preparations necessary to deliver this extended version of the DVD.

7/9  A Bit of Stiff Luck  Wimsy, of the TORC forum, has kindly transcribed this article from the Sun-Herald Television Magazine, June 20-26.

7/2  The Sydney Herald has published a letter to the editor, written by David, responding to Mark Vaile's comments on the proposed FTA. (Vaile is Australia's Minister for Trade).  "The free trade agreement is a win-win for the US and will pass with flying patriotic colours through the US Senate," David writes. "The Australian Government tells us the free trade agreement is good for Australian culture. It is not."

Read the letter here (it's about halfway down the page), or read the full text of the debate here:  Sydney Herald - FTA Debate

June 2004

6/24   Yesterday, David Wenham, Toni Collette, and Gillian Armstrong met with Labor Party MPs in Canberra, and appealed to them to stand firm and block the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.  The actors, who argue the FTA will damage Australia's culture and jobs, are concerned that Labor may cave in and support the agreement.

6/21 Articles from The Age on 'Stiff":  You Can Telemovie (June 19)  Free Whelan  (June 17)
6/18  'Stiff cheese, Hollywood'  Interview in yesterday's Courier-Mail.
6/16  Articles about "Stiff" and "The Brush-off":    The Sydney Morning Herald     The Herald-Sun
6/15  Interview with David in today's Who magazine. Read it here

6/6  David Wenham has joined seven other high-profile Australians in condemning forest management practices in Tasmania. In a letter to the editor of the Weekend Australian, they call for an end to clear-cutting and old-growth logging in ancient forests. Read more at

6/2  "Stiff", the first of the Murray Whelan tele-films, is set to air on the Seven network on Sunday, June 20. 
May 2004

5/17  David was recently approached to join Richard Roxburgh's directorial debut, "Romulus, My Father", but no agreement has been confirmed yet. The movie, slated to come out in 2005, will star Hugh Jackman.
5/25   Stars Unite To Promote Aussie Films  A group of Australian actors and directors, including David Wenham, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Heath Ledger, have signed up to be ambassadors for the non-profit organization Australians in Film, based in Los Angeles.  The group's mission is to promote Australian films and help local talent succeed in Hollywood.

Nov. 25, 2003  At the AFI awards, actors denounced the US-Australian Free Trade Agreement (FTA) for placing the Australian film industry at a disadvantage and jeopardizing local media content.  David Wenham called for "culture, the thing that defines us as being Australian, to be taken off the negotiating table".

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Also, another new FAQ, this one tackling the thorny existential issue of locating the movies for viewers outside Australia.  PrincessFaz found a link to a site called TV Now, which provides monthly listings of upcoming U.S. broadcasts of David movies.  This month:  Pure and Russian Doll will be shown on the Sundance channel.  Crocodile Hunter and The Bank will also air on cable.

7/6  We have a new FAQ regarding the casting process for Faramir, and some interesting Photoshop images by bab5nutz, from an alternate universe in which Tom Cruise and George W. Bush donned the silver tree and rode out to defend Osgiliath.  In MOVIES, added a link to a webpage that explains the fractured timeline of The Boys better than we can.

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