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About Our Site

Our Mission
Dessicated Coconut is a fan site dedicated to evangelizing about David Wenham's acting talent and overall fabulousness, as well as promoting his film, stage, and television projects.  Our goal is to provide a quality central archive of news updates, articles, interviews, photos, links, and other items of interest.
Our secondary goal is to entertain and amuse you, and give you good reason to hang out at Dessicated Coconut (even if you've never heard of David Wenham, and only came here in search of bulk baking supplies).  This is a difficult challenge, because David news arrives infrequently, like a light mist in the desert.  Frequently, we find ourselves forced to supplement meager news rations with humor, snark, and other filler.
Note:  All snarky filler on DC is strictly character-inspired.  We fiercely respect the boundary between real life and fiction.
Technical Stuff
This site was hastily, but lovingly, slapped together using Tripod, Trellix Site Builder, and waytoomuchcoffee.  Updates are done semi-weekly from an evil island lair in the South Pacific.
Dessicated Coconut is primarily a content-driven site, meaning that the layout is deliberately kept simple, Amish, and unobtrusive.  Energy and attention are devoted to adding interesting David stuff, rather than fancy client-side scripting and embedded video.  Yes, DC looks so 1995, but it's certainly easier to maintain.
Site Policy
Dessicated Coconut does not publish tabloid gossip, papparazzi photos, or anything else of questionable origin.  News and interviews are carefully checked to make sure they come from a legitimate source and don't invade anybody's privacy.  Where possible, sources are acknowledged.
Dessicated Coconut is owned and administered by make_it_stop (aka MIS), a pseudonym adopted in an panicked moment of whimsy when signing up for a Tolkien fan board account, and later richly regretted.  I use the royal "we" sometimes to refer to this website, but really it's just me.
Strange but true fact:  In 1998, make_it_stop was hired to develop an alternative transportation plan for the town of Wenham, Massachusetts.
Feedback, suggestions, fanfic/link recommendations, and comments are welcome.  Much of the material on this site is original, except for photographs, which belong to their owners.  Feel free to link, swipe, quote, and borrow, but please ask and/or give credit.  Likewise, if we inadvertently used one of your photos, and you'd like acknowledgment, let us know - we'd love to give credit where credit is due.
We are greatly indebted to Wenham Wonderland, Oh Sugar!  Minas Tirith @ Mythic Designs, Wenham Weekly, and Daisy Daily, from whence most of the pics and screen caps on this site came.

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