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That Eye The Sky

Review of "That Eye The Sky", a 1994 production at the Victoria Arts Centre playhouse directed by Richard Roxburgh.  David played a 12-year-old boy named Ort, recovering from meningitis and bullied by schoolmates.

Article about ART - The Australian, Feb. 19, 1999
True West

Wenham goes True West  John Mangan article from the Age, May 1, 2002.  Interview with David about his role in Sam Shepherd's "True West".

Theatre Notes: Cyrano de Bergerac by Alison Croggon, Feb. 26

Big Hats And Big Noses Mean Big Laughs  Review in The Blurb

Cyrano de Bergerac  Review by Owen Richardson

In two separate reviews for The Age, Helen Thomson writes  "Wenham is irresistible" and  "[Wenham] is even better as the older man than the younger".

Two interviews:  "Character Building" (Weekend Australian, 2/19/2005) and "David Knows Best" (Herald Sun, 2/19/2005).  Text only.

The bulging artifice of a well-versed romantic The Age, 2/12/2005

Film and Television

The Boys

Urban Cinefile - The Boys   Interview with Paul Fischer

Urban Cinefile - Molokai  Interview with Andrew Urban

Catholic Weekly  June 30, 2002   "Fr Damien Role Is Uplifting" 

'Molokai' Premiere  Sept. 22, 1999  (photo of David being given leis and a hug from a Kalaupapa patient) - Honolulu Star-Bulletin

'Damien' Debuts On Molokai  Sept. 22, 1999  (photo of Fr. Damien playing soccer) - Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Father Damien Crew Visits Historic Honolulu  (photo of cast members relaxing outdoors)
Better Than Sex

BBC Interview - Sept. 2001

ABC Radio Interview transcript

Wenham Good and Ready   Interview in the May 4, 2003 Guardian about Dust and Lord of the Rings.  "We've had the spaghetti western - this is the 'baklava western'."
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Ring Masters  By Christine Sams, from the Sun-Herald, Dec. 1, 2002.  "Growing up, I had never read the book, so the fantasy world wasn't something I had experienced.  But as an adult, I'm revelling in it."

Le Matin interview with John Noble and David  In French.  Si tu ne parle pas francais, copy the text and feed it into an online translator such as Altavista.
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King David Talks Faramir

Empire magazine, Oct. 2003. Includes photo of David with the Ring.

David Wenham and John Noble Team Up To Discuss Lord Of The Rings by Rebecca Murray. John Noble and David Wenham discuss the pyre scene, playing crazy, and training to fight.

David Wenham and John Noble Interviews: "The Return Of The King: Premiere by Rebecca Murray.

Farewell to "Lord of the Rings" USA Today article, Nov. 2003

The Unforgiven Son, interview by Ian Spelling in Starlog, May 2004.

Interview with David Wenham and Billy Boyd from Comic Con 2004, at Ain't It Cool News

Sci Fi Wire, August 5, 2004. David's comments about the Extended Edition.

Comic Con Interview with David and Billy Boyd, at, dated Sept 7, 2004.

Gettin' Square

Brisbane News  Interview from October 8-14 issue, transcribed by Jo at TORN

Gettin' Famous Blurb from Australia's Women's Day magazine, Feb. 2003

The What, Where, Why of Wenham (article from the June 14, 2003 edition of the Daily Telegraph)
Cover Page  Page 1  Page 2

Diver Dan: he may never surface again. Article from Sept. 28, 2003 edition of the Sun-Herald. Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Review of Gettin' Square

Diver Dan Renews Faith In Local Flicks  Brett Thomas, Sun-Herald - Aug. 26, 2003

Urban Cinefile - Gettin' Square  Andrew Urban interview
Van Helsing

The Unforgiven Son Interview by Ian Spelling in Starlog, June 2004.

Stiff & The Brush-Off

The Grill Di Webster interview in "Who" magazine, June 2004

Clever Dicks  (The Sydney Morning Herald)

 Articles about 'Stiff' from The Age:
You Can Telemovie (June 19, 2004)
Free Whelan  (June 17, 2004)

 "I'm one of those actors who can slide under the radar":  Sunday Telegraph, June 13, 2004

A Bit of Stiff Luck  From the Sun-Herald Television Magazine, June 20-26, 2004.  Transcribed by Wimsy of the TORC boards.

Partners in Crime  TV Guide article, Sept. 2, 2004
Three Dollars

At The Movies  David Wenham, Robert Connolly, and Eliot Perlman: Three Dollars

Summary of interview with Jenni Klaus of Edge Radio 99.3 FM

Versatile Wenham knows key to success ABC Online, April 12, 2005

David Wenham Goes From Strength to Strength  Interview on ABC's 7.30 Report, November 2005

David Wenham with Sally Loane  Interview at, includes audio link. April 2005

The Proposition

Exclusive Interview: David Wenham (The Proposition) by Devin Faraci at (thanks Nenya!)

One on One With David Wenham From 300 - Rebecca Murray interview at Comic Con 2006.  David talks about the costumes, working with blue screens, Zack Snyder, and the fight scenes.  Includes 3 video interview clips.

Movieweb video interview with David  Go to "Video Spotlight" and click on David Wenham Interview at Comic Con 2006.

Butler Not Too Chafed By 300  Interview with Gerry Butler and David.

Inspired to Fight The Courier Mail, April 4, 2007

From old church halls to Hollywood Blockbusters The Australian, March 29, 2007

Brand New Day

Answered By Fire

Wenham Praises East Timorese Actors  By Gary Kemble, ABC News, May 15, 2006

Fire Power  "A new ABC miniseries about East Timor could mark a resurgence in local drama from the public broadcaster...."

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton (transcript)


The Mask Transcript from the "Sixty Minutes" interview at ninemsn

Sexiest Man of the Year  Who magazine, 1999  (from fileg's site)

On The Verge  by Ted Murphy

Watch This Face Article from The Age, Nov. 2002. In which our hero throws a potato chip.

 The Sunday Telegraph talks Wenham (June, 2002)

What I'd Do If I Were In Charge  Article about the Sydney Swans written by David for the "Real Footy" website.  (If the link doesn't work, or requires a login, click here.)

15 Pairs of Shoes: The In Style Interview

B & W Mode interview

Access All Areas interview, Spring 2004:  Interview transcript   Screen Caps I  Screen Caps II
Note:  Sound files are below, in the "Multi Media" section

An Ambassador's Story  Article on David's involvement with the Wayside Chapel

HIFF Judge Arrives Still Exhilarated From Molokai And Rings Projects  Honolulu Star Bulletin, Oct. 21, 2004

Wenham in Hawaii for Fun, Film Festival  Honolulu Advertiser, Oct. 21, 2004

NineMSN Profile: David Wenham April 25, 1999

Videos & Multimedia

Rebecca Murray: Video from L.A. Premiere of "Return of the King"

L.A. Premiere Video #2 from Movieweb

National Geographic extra: Minas Tirith  (scroll down to the Minas Tirith clip - David appears on the video)

Short LOTR red carpet interview from WORN

In The Mind Of The Architect: slideshow of images (with sound) from the TV series narrated by David.

Interview with Sally Loane on the 702 morning show.  An audio file is available in RealPlayer format (scroll down the page a bit).

720 ABC Perth Saturday breakfast interview, 4/16/2005.  Transcript and downloadable audio file.

Triple J Breakfast  4/15/2005.  Two part MP3 interview.

TORN MP3 interview   (sound only)

"The Mask: David Wenham"  60 Minutes interview with Charles Wooley.

E! News Live  Clip of ROTK EE Preview, with Billy Boyd and David Wenham interview about halfway through.  Right-click and save the "E! News Extended Paths of the Dead clip".

"Access All Areas" sound files (a link to the transcript is above):

Italian video that I can never get to download, but maybe your computer isn't powered by decrepit, elderly gerbils and you'll have better luck viewing it

ifilm video interview at Comic Con 2006 video interview at Comic Con 2006

Q&A panel at Comic Con 2006: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Billy and David Wenham at Comic Con 2004

Tokyo Interview, August 2004

Van Helsing interview in Japan

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