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Where to find help for your DDD (David-Deficit Disorder).

Web Sites: David

Wenham Wonderland  The oldest and most venerable David site.
Daisy Daily Live Journal fan community updated daily with pics.  New photos are often posted here with comments.
Wenhamania  Russian-language web site, with a section in English
Oh Sugar!   Fiverly's David site (in English and German).
Daisy Petals, an online trading card game
Spartans Wear Hoodies has an online shop, and periodic Dollar Day fundraising drives (or you can donate at any time).  Proceeds from this site benefit the Wayside Chapel.
Wenham Weekly  An older version of the Daisy Daily community
A Treat From Down Under myth_adventure's site, with lots of wonderful screen caps.  David Wenham Appreciation Site  A Russian fansite
The Boy From Aus, a Japanese site
Approach To David Wenham, a Japanese site  Siromaru's website.  She drew the cute "Cyrano de Baguette" and Dilios cartoons.
Helpful Hint:  Enter foreign-language URLs into the Altavista translator.

Web Sites: Characters
Sufficient Jewel Faramir fan site
The Thain's Book  Info on Faramir
True Love: among battle and despair  Website devoted to Faramir and Eowyn
Love and Armour  Faramir fan site
Just A Friar  Carl fan site

Discussion Boards

Fan Fiction


Faramir's Ranger Outfit


Screen Caps and Wallpaper

Fileg's Screen Caps   Rare and hard-to-find caps from LOTR, Sea Change, After the Deluge, Burned Bridges (Heartland), Simone de Beauvoir's Babies.

Eowyn and Faramir    LOTR Meets the Advertisers (not strictly Faramir-related, but very, very funny).  Wallpaper by bab5nutz.

Faramir and Eowyn wallpapers at  The site also has F&E music videos.

Faramir skin for your Win Amp

Provocateuse site - in case, for some reason, you need pictures of David in character 1) barefoot 2) wearing glasses 3) wet

LOTR Frame Cap Library  Frame-by-frame caps from LOTR.
Darth's Screen Caps  Good, high-quality caps from the LOTR trilogy.  Sorted by character.
Be My Valentine.  Or shall I shoot?

Other Stuff

Excerpts from Harry Knowles' live LOTR set reports at Ain't It Cool News.
Gandalf and Faramir; Minas Tirith
Denethor and Faramir; Faramir and Eowyn's Wedding

The shooting script for "Dust", with deleted scenes and commentary by Milcho Manchevski.  (Two words: meat washing.) If it doesn't download automatically, go here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Download Screenplay".

The Strange But True Story of spotting David on a train, as told by somebody named dr_nic. Included here because the commentary is fairly silly.
Reports from TORN on the "Evening with Peter Jackson" in Sydney (March 2005) include some funny moments from the LOTR blooper reel
Sen. Bob Brown and David Wenham 
Senator Bob Brown's photo log, with pictures of David's visit to Recherche Bay in May 2005.
Robert Connolly's Flickr photos from the same trip, featuring snapshots of Bob Brown and David at Gandalf's Staff
sh_wulff's review of cyrano  An eyewitness encounter, from a happy theater-goer.  Suspenseful!   Also 100% true.
Faramir's audition script, which reveals how the Houses of Healing, the encounter with Frodo and Sam, and the "Wizard's Pupil" scene were originally written, before PJ came along with the snip-snip.
David did the voiceovers for the Wayside Chapel's new "Please Don't Judge" television campaign.  You can view the commercials on the Wayside Chapel Home Page.



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